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November 14th, 2012

Mike Kelly  wrote a review of Scott Hargis’ Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series over at over at Mike’s conclusion is as follows:

If you want to get into real estate photography, want to improve your real estate photography, or want to start shooting real estate photography like a pro, this is the series for you. Everything you need is contained within, however, compared to a paper book or e-book, the price could be considered a little bit steep. But look at it this way: for less than the price of one shoot, you’ll have years worth of knowledge at your fingertips. Do note that the video is tailored specifically to real estate photography: those shooting for interior design or architectural clients may desire something a bit more robust, however, if you do shoot these subjects, I’m still confident that you’ll learn a thing or two from Scott. You also can’t use this video series to become an accomplished architectural or interior photographer overnight, as those genres will require different skills and approaches than the ones that are contained in this video series.

Read Mikes’ complete review here.

I have to agree with Mike, if you are serious about being successful in real estate photography Scotts’ video series is essential and a great value compared to going to a workshop. And who knows where you’ll have to go to attend one of Scott’s workshops!

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2 Responses to “ Recommends Scott Hargis Lighting For Real Estate Photography Video Series”

  • Hi Larry,
    I’m sorry if I sound a little confused with this question, but when Mike says that you can’t use this video series to become an interiors photographer I don’t quite understand what he means. Is he saying that the video is only for Real Estate exterior shooting, because I thought shooting interiors-per all of the videos I’ve seen here on this site- is part of shooting Real Estate Photography.

  • Sorry disregared the last question I see that it says for Interior Design.

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