ThingLink – A Way To Create Interactive Images

November 11th, 2012

Thanks to Dylan Darling in Bend, OR for pointing out a relatively new technology called interactive images that I’m sure will be very useful to real estate agents and real estate photographers.

The idea of ThingLink is that you can add links to images that display information related to the image without leaving the image. The example to the right is Dylan’s ThingLink image of one of his listings near La Pine, OR. I’ve simply embedded his image in my post using the public embed code on the upper left-hand side of this image. Notice that as you mouse over this image a bunch of little icons that when hovered over show things like a google map of where this listing is, a slide show of Dylan’s listing images,  a link to Dylan’s website, a link to Dylan’s FB page, and a link to a post about this listing on Dylan’s blog and a link to the Mt Bachelor website. I believe you can also put YouTube video on interactive images and view a small version of the video without leaving the image.

This interactive image can be embedded in a website or blog (as I’ve done), an email or any other context where embed HTML is allowed. By simply clicking on the Share icon in the upper left side of the image you can add this image to a Tweet, FB post, email or Tumblr post or just sharing a link to the interactive image.

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9 Responses to “ThingLink – A Way To Create Interactive Images”

  • Truly it?s called Search engine marketing that when i search for this paragraph I found this site at the top of all blogs in search engine.

  • What a great idea. I really like it. And the icons only show when you mouse over and don’t obstruct the picture. Too bad it only works where embed HTML is allowed. That limits things a lot. imo this is mid term between a simple photo and a live tour. And it sounds easy to do. Great stuff.

  • Hi Larry… your heading needs to be changed to ThingLink…ThinkLink is interesting software also! Very cool idea!

  • @Michele- Thank you!

  • Ok, question: What about using this for video. Meaning, have little videos of each area of the home. Click on master bedroom window and it pops up a video of just that area? Seems like a bit of work but pretty cool.

  • @Charlie- Yes exactly, you can use ThingLink for YouTube and Vimeo video.. perhaps more. Steve over at has a pretty good tutorial on it see:

  • This was just a quick one I did when I had 5 minutes to play around with it. Charlie- you hit the nail on the head. It would be really cool to do videos of different rooms and place icons where the rooms are. Videos play on the image, but someone can click to watch them on a full Youtube screen. I shared this with our network of 500+ agents and got a great response.

    Also, ThingLink just updated their Twitter share button. Now these interactive images can be embedded in Twitter posts.

    Hoping for a sunny day to go re-shoot the mountain views. It was smokey when I shot this home in Bend.

  • @ Dylan – this could become a game changer on how I shoot and edit. But I like the service and feature this bring to the table.

  • @Charlie- I don’t know if it should change how you shoot or edit, because most agents are still going to want the full video. But maybe add this as a service and edit all the rooms individually?

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