This Week In Real Estate Video #32 – 3 Prop Vids from

November 9th, 2012

When you want to see some of the best property video being done around the world you can always go take a look at what the crew at are up to. I did that this week and here are three of my favorites:

  1. UTOPIA at The Caledonia, 450 West 17th St: New York, Marketed by Eric Zollinger & Associates. Short and sweet and Eric, the listing agent, does a strong job narrating.
  2. 3420 Ripon Road – Victoria BC: Marketed by James LeBlanc of Breathless, narration and well shot (probably by Jacob McNell and Jamie Walker).
  3. 42 Duporth Ave Marochydore Queensland, AU: “Drop-dead gorgeous”, indeed! This maybe the shortest prop vid I’ve seen but 0:38 is all it takes to fall in love with this little apartment.
  4. 16 Page Point, Auckland, NZ: Update: 11/10- The crew in NZ pointed out that I left them out! My apologies guys! Hopefully I can make it up to them by adding this magnificent piece of work done in Auckland. What a wonderful piece of work! With great aerial shots. Nicely done!

As we’ve come to expect from these are all top quality attention getting marketing videos!

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #32 – 3 Prop Vids from”

  • Hi Larry, the 2nd and 3rd links aren’t working, maybe a temporary issue on

  • @Aric- Thanks- Yes, the site appears to be down.

  • The site seems to be down so I’ve found links to the same videos on YouTube so all the links to the videos are now functional… just the attribution links to don’t works as of 8:56 Pacific on 11/10.

  • Turns out Australia or Brisbane area was having DNS problems when this post first went up… all fixed now.

  • Terrific work all round but 16 page point out of Auckland, has to be marked as favorite out of the many seen over the course of RE videos as they evolve . Great for a broker as well!

  • Always never fail to amaze me with the quality and artistic flair that the guys from Platinum produce the best.

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