Helicon Remote For Android: A DSLR Remote Controller/LiveView

November 6th, 2012

Thanks to Jim in Chicago for pointing out a relatively new alternative for a DSLR remote controller. This video summarizes the features of Helicon Remote which is a free Android app.

This app appears to be more than just tethered shooting like you get with Lightroom or Aperture because it has LiveView so the DSLR LCD is being displayed on the screen of the Android device. It also appears to have total and complete control of shutter speed and aperture and focus. This app appears to be much better than the apps I’ve tried that just connect brackets and time-lapse.

According  to discussions on the HeliconSoft forum the developers would like to build a version of this app for IOS but it is not likely because apparently IOS doesn’t currently allow low level access to the USB connector like this kind of app requires.

Has anyone used this app for shooting brackets?

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2 Responses to “Helicon Remote For Android: A DSLR Remote Controller/LiveView”

  • I have been using DSLR Controller (still in Beta) for the past year or so and find it useful when the camera is elevated, or positioned in a may that makes it difficult to see through the view finder.

  • I ordered the “on the go” host cable so that I can hook my galaxy s2 to my 60D – I’ll let you know if & HOW it works!

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