The Aerial Photo of the Week: On New York Magazine’s Cover – By Iwan Baan

November 5th, 2012

Iwan Baan  a Dutch Architectural photographer shot the recent cover for NY Magazine using a Canon 1Dx w/24-70mm lens  in a helicopter at 5,000 feet. Iwan shot at ISO 25,000, f/2.8 at 1/40th second.

The shoot last Wednesday (10/31/2012) so as Iwan describes, getting around the NYC and finding a chopper was much more difficult than getting the shot(s).

When the NY Magazine editors decided on a aerial shot of Manhattan they checked to see if Iwan was in town because he regularly shoot for the Magazine and is known for his aerial work. It just so happened that he was in town. He’d come to NY about a week before Sandy hit. Once he got the assignment it took him 4 hrs by cab to get from downtown to Kennedy airport. He got the last Hertz rental car available for $2,000 a week and once he found a chopper that had fuel and wasn’t out on a rescue mission he had to pay cash to hire the chopper. Luckily he been to the ATM before the storm hit.

For a look at a whole series of Iwan’s images start here at the slide show thumb nails. Wow, what a story and what a series of shots.

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3 Responses to “The Aerial Photo of the Week: On New York Magazine’s Cover – By Iwan Baan”

  • Erie, very processed looking and excellent to look at – really shows how it was! Great job Iwan.

  • Great images. Sounds like he had quite the day to achieve this image.

  • Thanks a lot Iwan for such nice photographs about sandy blackout. I have just visited your site and all the pictures are quite amazing and stunning.

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