An Iconic Self-Portrait Shot By Curiosity

November 4th, 2012

Yea I know, this has not much to do with earthly real estate photography but I stumbled across this wonderful self-portrait that Curiosity shot of itself on Oct 31. Be sure to click here or on the photo to the right to view the full sized version.

What I find fascinating about this image is that it is stitched from 55 different shots taken by Curiosity’s MAHLI camera that is mounted on the end of it’s robotic arm.

According to Adam Mann on, “The different positions overlapped just enough so that the arm couldn’t be seen in the final result.” OK, I don’t care how many shots you take to make a self-portrait like this, it’s going to take a little Photoshop touch up to get a perfect final image with the robotic arm completely gone. It’s like when you are shooting a 360 on a tripod and you want the tripod to be gone in the final view, you’ve got to remove the tripod and shoot an image straight down or do some cloning in Photoshop to get the tripod to go away.

Anyway, what an iconic image this is! It sums up the whole technological capability of Earth sitting there on Mars. This image is right up there with the first photo of Earth from the moon. There is something about how this image appears to be taken from the point of view of a photographer standing in front of Curiosity on Mars that gives it impact. You’d never guess that Curiosity did all the photography.

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4 Responses to “An Iconic Self-Portrait Shot By Curiosity”

  • very nice.

  • “The different positions overlapped just enough so that the arm couldn’t be seen in the final result.”

    That’s what they want you to think. Typical tourist. The rover hands the camera to a Martian and says “Take my picture”. Happens all the time. Grand Canyons, Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle, and now the Mars landscape. Have to be careful as in some areas, particurally with street kids, the next statement is “You want your camera back, that’ll be $5.” 🙂

    (Got to have fun to start the week!)

  • Very cool. Oh, and the Martian didn’t get the verts straight!


  • Who knew Curiosity was such a narcissist? haha

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