This Week In Real Estate Video #31 – The South of Spain

November 2nd, 2012

San Juan de los Terreros, Almeria: Mia and Alberto Dominguez of recently told me that: “this year we found new horizons internationally. Our trip to Europe last March was a great experience!  Our work in the South of Spain gave us a new opportunity to do in a similar project in Cabo San Lucas, which we completed last week. While being in Cabo, a different Hotel approached us asking us to do some photography and video for them.”
Nueva Alcántara San Pedro Holiday rentals: While we are showing the South of Spain, reader Charles Mackenzie-Hill did a video of a nice little Holiday Rental near Marabella. A nice two bedroom summer rental near the Beach in San Pedro Playa, not more than a twelve minutes drive from Marbella.  Given the weather here in the Northwest and Northeast US the South of Spain sounds pretty good right now!
626 Sentry Hill San Antonio Texas Estates at Canyon Spring: This video is from Lupe a real estate photographer for Coldwell banker d’ann Harper Realtors in San Antonio Texas. Lupe says, “I was asked by our marketing director to take over video last year. Previously, our company had never done a property video. It took about 3 hours to shoot and about 1 hour in Final Cut Pro X. The whole company was pleased and now I am getting plenty of requests by our agents to shoot more video.


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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #31 – The South of Spain”

  • Thank you Larry for the nod, appreciate it

  • Holy shit!
    I don’t believe that you can post these kind of videos,my little sister could do it much better

  • @arturo – So where is it? I can’t find any video on your site (!

  • I really like Sentry Hill Video that has the two actors (vendors?) using features of the property but without showing their faces. Great idea that may help buyers imagine living there and get them more interested in the property.

  • Thanks Mike! It was a lot of fun shooting this video too.

  • Larry,

    One of the things I love about PFRE is 1) how much people here are willing to share with others. People like myself, who are learning and trying make themselves better can come here and get positive feedback which they then can use to make themselves better shooters whether they are shooting video or stills 2) I love it that you are getting people exposure and sharing their work. I certainly have been grateful – you have shared several of my video’s – and even though the quality could have been better the feedback I got from others has been very supportive and has made me better.

    I guess I am just disappointed to read such trite and arrogant words from Arturo – To me that is not what this site is about.

    Thanks again Larry and for those whose video’s were featured this week for not going ballistic.


  • @david- Yea, I make it a point to allow negative comments as long as the negative commentator identifies themselves with a website… I figure if you are going to make negative comments we all want to see your work to decide if you are an accomplished shooter or just a troll.

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