This Week In Real Estate Video #29 – Alta Montecito

October 19th, 2012

Alta Montecito in Las Vegas: Mike Miriello sent me this video from a recent shoot in Las Vagas.

There are a couple of note worthy features about this video:

  • Mike has use a time-lapse sequence at both the beginning and end of the video to help suggest the theme of a day in the life of this property.
  • I think time-lapse can add a lot of drama and interest in a property video particularly if the environment cooperates. Mike has used the sunrise and sunset for his added drama
  • The music in this video has been legally licensed by using – it’s super-simple, $25/project, and has decent library.

1519 Hinman #5C – By Candace Kuzmarski: There are a handful of very talented Realtors around the country, that I feature on PFRE, that shoot their own video an do a superb job. Candace  in Evanston, IL is one of those Realtors. She not only does a great job of shooting her own stills and video but with the help of her college age son she designed and constructed a world class tour format that she uses to market all her listings.

This piece is put together beautifully and in several places she uses a split screen. I must say Candace is doing a world class job of marketing for her listings… it doesn’t get much better than this!

Great job Candace!

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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #29 – Alta Montecito”

  • Great job Mike with some very smooth moves.Music is great too. way too long and way too many repetitive shots. Not sure your viewers will make it till the end. Good job. Jason

  • Hi Larry

    Regarding Candice video which is done by template from BrochureBeast.
    The best template I have seen, but they seem to be no longer in business.
    Everybody in Australia is using pro photography or video.
    Would love to be able to use “brochure Beast” or at least sell them to Australia.

    Mike Gillon

  • I’m finding all this real estate video very interesting. I just discovered this site. But I do wonder if buyers find some of these videos very tedious and slightly boring? Houses don’t move, and personally I think I would glean just as much information from good quality still photos as I do from some of these videos where the camera moves 2 feet across every room. For me, I just don’t get why this is better than good quality stills? And most of us are better at taking good still photos than we are making videos, which I’m sure is much more difficult.

  • Mike, I liked your video, but when I heard the music you were using, I wondered how you received the right to use such a mainstream song. I see that you used so I checked it out..very interesting. It all sounded too good to be true so I looked into the terms of usage. It mentions in there that they cannot be used for promotional videos, which I would think real estate videos would fall under. It would be nice if this wasn’t the case, because that would make it a great resource, but I am worried it can’t be used for real estate videos and is more for weddings and things of that nature.


  • @ Marian – The million dollar question. A few thoughts: 1. People that are looking to buy real estate tend to watch the videos if available. 2. It gives us reasons to strive to make them more interesting and engaging. 3. Real estate video are video’s of real estate. It’s not “reservoir dogs” so you can’t expect to entertained too much ; ) But I’ll always try.

  • @Marian I think video does a great job selling the dream. The sensation of movement, however subtle, can tell a story if the video is paired with the right music. This can be achieved to some degree with stills in a photo slideshow but the viewing angle is limited to panning or zooming.

  • Hi Mike Gillon – the BrochureBeast template is a brochure that my son coded for me. He is graduating this fall from college and I hope he will have time to get the Brochure Beast website up and running. I forwarded your comment to him. So far only I have used the template but the goal was to make it available to others.

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