This Week In Real Estate Video #28 – Biltmore Park in Asheville

October 12th, 2012

Biltmore Park in Asheville North Carolina: 
by Heath Cowart. Heath describes this video as follows: “The marketing department at Beverly-Hanks decided that they were going to work closely with my company and with their agents, helping with scripts and editing decisions to make sure that they were maintaining consistently high quality with all of their videos. One result of having so many real estate videos come through their department is that they are getting really good at coming up with ideas and the quality of their videos has not only stayed high, it has consistently improved.

While I did help with the original concept this video was fully written and storyboarded, tightly scheduled, talent and props arranged by their marketing team.  A task that I am sure would have been very difficult when we started working together a year ago.  The point that I want to make is that for a brokerage, if you start creating videos now and stick with it you will probably be surprised at what you will be doing in a year or 2.  And it is fun.

The host of this video is Anne Alderidge from the Beverly-Hanks marketing team, who has stepped up to the plate and impressed us all with her talent in front of the camera.”

An Agent Promotion Video for Link Moser: Link Moser of New Hampshire sent me this recently shot agent promotional video. I like how Link explains how he uses quality photography and video to market homes and explains why. This video also shows the level of quality video you can do with a Canon T3i with 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6. Some may say 4:41 is too long for a agent promotion video but I think Link has done a good job of providing quality content explaining the kind of marketing you need to do these days for upper-end homes. I like it!

Maveric 3445: By Nanaimo, BC. I keep noticing the elegant, smooth little videos that Alberto, Mia and crew keep turning out. To me their simplicity of style is attractive. Their choice of music is smooth and quiet and is attractive but doesn’t get in the way of the visual part and the smooth, simple slide movements fit nicely with the sound tracks. This video is an example.

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2 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #28 – Biltmore Park in Asheville”

  • Heath. Great job and wonderful video. I have to say, you sure make America look like a beautiful place to live. Excellent teamwork, on this, which must have been fun and I bet makes all you all just want to out shoot more.

  • Charles
    It was great teamwork and I think they have made a good choice by not trying to do everything in house and having my team handle the shooting and editing in addition to collaborating on concepts.
    Right after this they brought me a 50 page storyboard for another video so you are right, we do want to shoot more and keep pushing to create better products.

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