Are You Using The Adaptive Wide Angle Filter?

October 2nd, 2012

Ethan Tweedie pointed out another Adaptive Wide Angle Filter tutorial. I posted a tutorial on this same subject by Russell Brown back in June. But Ethan pointed out that this little tutorial is shorter, more concise and focuses more directly how real estate shooters will likely use this fantastic new feature of Photoshop CS6.

Ethan says:

My workflow is as follows: on import into Lightroom I have my basic preset that converts to DNG file and applies the lens corrections etc. I then edit in LR4 and CS6. Normally when I am done editing I then use the Transform tool in CS6, but this tool does a great job and is easy!

I have to agree with Ethan, if you have significant straightening to do I like using this adaptive wide angle filter better than LR4 lens correction feature.

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5 Responses to “Are You Using The Adaptive Wide Angle Filter?”

  • I love the tutorial, really clear and slow and easy to understand. As a CS6 user, I had no idea this feature was available. As usual Larry you point out great tools and tips. I tried it with great results right off the bat!
    Thank you very much for sharing it.

  • Great tool that I had no idea existed… Guess I should upgrade my CS3! The transform tool usually does the trick if your camera is fairly level at the time of taking the photo. But this would be great for those shots that need a lot of correction. Great video Ethan.

  • As an addendum, sometimes the tool crops the image more than I would like (maybe I am doing something wrong), but it is a great tool sometimes.

  • Wow what a great tool! I had no idea that this kind of tool even existed. Thank you for sharing and I suppose I am going to have to update my Photoshop.

  • , gee, hasn’t anyone heard about ptlens. A whole lot quicker and imo more accurate than this technique. ptlens is available as standalone program or as a filter within photoshop

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