Scott Hargis Interiors Photography Workshops in Dubai

September 30th, 2012

Scott Hargis just sent me the details on the series of Lighting Interiors Workshops that he will be teaching in Dubai in early November. He will be doing 3 workshops:

  1. Nov 7 – Interiors Photography 101
  2. Nov 8 – Interiors Photography 101
  3. Nov 9 & 10 Interiors and Lifestyle Photography

Number 1 & 2 with be his PFRE workshop with some extras. Number 3 is already sold out but you can get on the waiting list. Round trip airfare from North America is around $1500 but cheaper from Europe, Asia and Australia.

Scott’s workshops are part of Fotoweekend 2012 which is a yearly photo event in Dubai. I’ve heard great things about past instances of this event. There are many other workshops in addition to Scott’s workshops so this is a great opportunity to go on a weekend getaway.

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5 Responses to “Scott Hargis Interiors Photography Workshops in Dubai”

  • Is Scott doing anything in the US coming up? Or is there anything like this in the states coming up?

  • I know that almost all the workshops I’ve taught in the last 2 years have been overseas — but that’s because they’re being produced for me by organizations that have the infrastructure to put everything together, which makes it financially and logistically possible for me to do them. But there are (apparently) very, very few entities in the US that are willing or able to do this.

    I’ve pretty much stopped self-producing workshops. Not to gripe too much, but they’re incredibly labor-intensive to organize, and it’s simply too much for me to maintain a busy shoot schedule and play the role of workshop producer. The Lighting Interiors book, and more recently, Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series is my attempt to respond to the demand but still function as a working photographer. I invested a TON of time and money and energy into those projects, so that I could stay focused on my own photography. I’d be happy enough to teach one or two workshops a year, but again….the production is a bit of a barrier.

    And on that note…..the Dubai workshops look like they’ll be really, really good. Maybe even better than the last one I did at The Camera Shop in Calgary, which (if I may say so) was pretty good. Pretty much anything I ask for, GPP says, “How many?”

  • I was looking for a workshop in Germany or in Europe but I coundn’t find one.
    Even from my place Dubai is at the other end of the world.
    Is there a newsletter or a overview for the next workshops?

  • @Andreas- I announce all of Scott’s workshops here on this blog and Scott also announces them on his blog (

  • @ Andreas,

    Dubai is at the other end of the world from ME — not you. It’s an easy 6-hour flight for you….about the same as when I visit the East Coast of the US.

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