This Week In Real Estate Video #26 – Agent Jill

September 28th, 2012

I was inundated with great real estate videos this week! Here is a run down:

Agent Jill Leberknight In Austin TX: Terry Burger in Atlanta “discovered” Jill Leberknight who is a Realtor, actor, director and acting coach. Woa, what a killer combination! Needless to say Jill is good! I think she takes agent video to a whole new level. Here is her personal intro. And here is her Living in Austin video that Terry pointed out to me. Terry says he is going to try to get into her acting classs.

Apparently her husband shoots and edits her video for her.

Dave Dwyer in Brisbane, AU: I featured Dave back in This week in real estate video #6 talking about the benefits of real estate video. Dave wanted us to see some of his work. This one of his favorite videos of late shot on beautiful Stradbroke Island. Dave says, “I’m a one man band but I’ve established some great working relationships with some very loyal real estate agents. I’m proud of the work I produce and believe that even as a one man band, I provide a viable quality alternative to Platinum HDTV. I may not have the RED cameras, but I doubt you’ll notice the difference on computer and mobile phone screens”.

Charlie Dresen in Steamboat, CO: Charlie showed me two great examples of property video that he shot recently. First a large $4.9M property that he used Elizabeth Hales (that we talked about a couple of weeks ago) to narrate. I think Elizabeth does a wonderful narration job. Charlie is concerned that this video goes too long. Sure, 4:26 to long for some properties but this is a big property with a lot of aspects to show. The second video is this little video of a remodeled 1910 era home. I love the effect of the Jazz trumpet track he used for the background. As I told Charlie the audio track loudly says early 1900s to me, a perfect fit for the property. Charlie says he spent as much time looking for the music as he did editing the video.

Nestor and Sachiko Trillio in Honolulu, HI: Nestor sent me a recent video that he shot for his wife Sachiko for a condo near Waikiki in Honolulu. Nestor ask what he could do to raise the level of his video. My suggestion was to do video only (no stills) and to come up with some dramatic time-lapse sequences of perhaps the clouds rolling in on Waikiki or a time-lapse at night from a high-rise. I think Sachiko does very well on camera and I like the little sequence at the end where she says “what do you think?” and an invitation to contact her.

Michael Stentiford in Adelaide, AU: Michael sent me this video that he did for one of his best clients in Adelaide. Michael says his particular agent shoots video of every listing they do and as a result has risen to be one of the top agents in the area. Michael has shoot four listing for this company just this week!

The Al Capone mansion built in 1922: and for some thing completely different, and anonymous reader sent me this awesome little property video of the notorious gangster Al Capone’s Miami Beach mansion, on exclusive Palm Island that is apparently for sale.

Know by stillmotion: Last but not least, I wanted to point out that several readers that have gone to the Know by stillmotion video workshop that is touring the US recommend it highly. It still not too late to signup for many cities. Malia Campbell recommends it highly and is even thinking about going to it a second time in a different city!

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  • Know by stillmotion, the last video is GREAT! Don’t miss it if you’re a video fan, video maker, video admirable, video aspiration, whatever. It’s a great tool.

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