Now Available: Image Editing For Real Estate Photography

September 24th, 2012

Well here it is! This is the only book focused completely on image editing for real estate photography.  What John McBay, has managed to do with this new ebook is explain in detail how to solve the top 30 real estate image editing problems with the top three image editing applications (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom).

That is, John explains how to take care of all image editing problems in Photoshop, most of them (29) with Photoshop Elements and many of them (14) with Lightroom. So it doesn’t matter which image editing application you use, this ebook will help you. This is NOT a general purpose ebook for learning how to use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom, it’s JUST about how to use these three applications for real estate photography.

I’m proud to add this ebook the the list of now 4 ebooks that we publish here at PFRE. I think this is another important piece of educational material that will help real estate photographers and agents, that shoot their own listings, be more successful.

I like the way that John has done a chapter on each image editing problem. Thirty classic problems; 30 chapters. Each addresses one problem and describes as many different solutions to that one problem as possible with the three major editing applications. John and I have been talking about and working on this book for  a year or so. At first, I was a skeptic. I didn’t want to publish an ebook on just one photo-editing application. I wanted to publish an ebook that was useful to people regardless of which photo editing application they used. John convinced me this was possible. An this ebook is the result.


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14 Responses to “Now Available: Image Editing For Real Estate Photography”

  • Just bought it. It’s always worth a look and I am sure I will learn a few things! Thanks!

  • Congrats John on a job well done. Congrats Larry on providing yet another great tool for real estate photography.

  • I just bought it but it says unable to open on my kindle fire. I have one of the original fires. Pdf files usually open in kindle app.

    Does anyone have a suggestion? I downloaded it twice. Same thing on both copies.

    Thank you.


  • PRFE photographers (and their clients!) will benefit from the availability of this new tool.

  • @Art – you need a USB cable to get PDFs to your Kindle Fire. Here is an explanation of how to do it:

  • Just got is as well, looks good, but I do not see any practice files.

    I found that in training students, if they all have the exact file for the project, they can see where they have succeeded or failed to accomplish the task.

    Just my 2cents

  • @Jim- That’s a good idea. I’ll look into doing this. Should be very easy. Thank’s for the feedback.

  • Do you guys sell hard copy of this book.(image editing for real estate photography)

  • @joe – Nope! I used to offer a hardcopy option for all ebooks I publish and hardly anyone wanted hardcopy so I discontinued the option. Nowadays the logistics of selling hardcopy books worldwide is messy. These ebooks in over 100 countries and doing it electronically is the only way it makes sense.

    You can easily print the ebook PDF on a laser printer double-sided, punch holes along the top edge and put it in a 3 ring notebook or spiral bind it. I just did this yesterday… printed it on my HP-3600 laser printer and took it to my local Kinkos and for $4.50 they put a spiral binding on it.

  • Great book, John! So clearly laid out, organised and full of really useful information, explained with lucid text and great images. I have studied two sections in detail now and the advice you give I just wish I’d had a long time ago! Great idea to tackle the 30 really key issues that we seem to run into and show the different approaches, depending on what software you are using. Thanks, Larry, for publishing another great guide: this is going to be such a help to so many in our field.

  • I am a user of Elements9 and the Topaz Plugins and not planning to buy the other adobe programs.
    My question: How much of this ebook is spend on elements on an average in comparison to photoshop and lightroom?
    Just like to have an idea.

  • @Ronny – there is only one chapter of the 30 that can’t be done with PSE.

  • Thanks Larry, it took me a little while to sort out but I got the editing for real estate photography transferred to my kindle fire.

    The best / easiest way was to email it to my Kindle email address. It opens automatically without conversion to MOBI.

    Text is a little small on a 7 inch tablet, so I guess Steve Jobs was right. I view it landscape, and it’s fine. (I didn’t convert the PDF to ebook format to increase the text size because I thought I’d lose the side by side photo comparisons.)

    BTW – all of the PFRE PDF’s look great on my iPads with their bigger displays.

  • @art – Thanks for the feedback on getting it to the Kindle Fire.

    I have the ability in InDesign where I do the layout to write out ePub format or MOBI format but decided to do that because with ePub and MOBI layout is done on the fly on the viewing device and with this kind of book that has 4 or 5 photos/Figures per page it becomes very hard to read.

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