This Week In Real Estate Video #25 – It’s a Ripp’a mate!

September 21st, 2012

Sky Hawk Ranch:  Jim Coon, Principal Broker/Owner of Alleda Real Estate in Bend, OR sent me a link to his latest property video of Sky Hawk Ranch in Redmond, OR. Jim says:

I have learned so much from people like Scott Basile and others that I met through your site. There was no one doing a good job of real estate videos here in our small tourist/farm town (Bend, OR) so I decided to take the plunge and do it myself. Quite the learning curve after just doing stills for so long. But my whole business is built upon imaging and it has helped me to be very successful. Here is a link to my latest video of the Sky Hawk Ranch. These farms/ranches that I do must be a bit longer than I like them because there are so darn many outbuildings to show.

I think Jim has done a great job conveying the feel of this property in one of my favorite spots. I have a special attachment to the Bend/Redmond/Sisters, OR area because I live  only 130 miles away and grew up skiing and climbing in those mountains back there. It’s great to find another Realtor that is so committed to great marketing that he does whatever is necessary to get the job done! Feel free to give Jim feedback on his work. He asked for it! My only feedback for his is that I would edit a little tighter and cut down the time by at least a minute.

17 Balfour Street:  Brett Clements sent me this amazing little one minute video. Brett is hyped about Scarlets, Smart TV and EPICs and sent me this video link to show off the color accuracy of their new Red cameras (they deliver millions of colors rather than just 100,000s of colors) but to me the technical part matters less than the creative part. I’m fascinated with how this simple little Bistro conversation between two guys (a home seller and a listing agent) can pull you in and engage your attention. For me the language pulls and holds my attention in because I have to pay close attention to follow the OZ accent and expressions. For me, this little video is amazingly creative. It’s a Ripp’a mate!

For those of you that complain at me for promoting too much, get over it! They are not paying me to promote their work. I follow Brett and his mates work closely because I think they do some of the best and most creative video work on the planet and there is a lot for us all to learn from studying their work.

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11 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #25 – It’s a Ripp’a mate!”

  • Thanks Larry. The cash payments are the same; straight into your direct deposit account. 😉

  • For those that don’t want to get into the Red try some Blackmagic

  • Great video and thanks for posting Greg. Sure makes me ponder the Blackmagic over the new 6D around the corner.

  • God, I love that concept (Brett’s). Part of me wishes there was a little more footage of the house but then I realize that it’s a genius move – totally makes me want to go see it! Well done.

  • Jim,
    Very nice video of Skyhawk Ranch. My own personal marketing perspective tells me that a shorter “teaser” video would elicit a better response. After viewing the four minute plus video I felt like I didn’t even need to see the property. Several scenes were redundant. Also some captions would enhance many of the slides shown throughout the video so I could discern what I was looking at. Great effort Jim, personally I would tighten it up a bit. Thanks for sharing that magnificent property!!

    Greg & Charlie,
    Regarding Black Magic please see Vincent Larofet’s review on his blog

    Best Regards,

  • Ron – thanks a ton for the feedback. I’m so new to this video thing, and it took me quite a while just to put together the kit to allow me to get started. I’m using a Nikon D7000 that I have for stills so that is a bit of a handicap in terms of camera function as well. I did do a version with captions but wasn’t thinking and sent the first version to Larry that was sans captions. I can absolutely see what you mean about redundancy. The client was adamant that some buildings/views be shown and were scared to death that this video might leave out something they thought was vital. Thanks again, Ron. I’ll take all the help I can get. Jim

  • Brett’s work is second to none in my opinion….every time the competition seems to gain a little ground he turns it up a notch and shows why he (and his team) are the best at what they do.

  • very nice work Jim! Several very sexy slider shots. I assume this is an unbranded video for your MLS based on the “call your broker” at the end? As a Realtor myself that is attempting this video thing, Im hoping you have a “branded” version. You can leverage your skills and marketing by having YOU in the video. Other sellers see it and they too want a video. Also some sort of narration would be good. Sprinkle a little Jim in there and get more listings! This is your opportunity to tell a story to a captive audience. There are plenty of pros following this to critique your video work which is outstanding….I guess the Realtor in me wants to see some selling….and not just of the house but the agent. To be honest it doesn’t really look like a property for sell until the end and then its just an address but I assume its accompanied by the MLS page? If you ran across this video by itself what is it? Too much work here to miss out on that….yea its a little long but I promise the actual buyer will have watch it in its entirety multiple times…it is a huge property….with a huge story so tell it while you show it. As far as showing everything because of the client….it might be good to leave someone wanting more so they visit in person. As powerful as video is….PRICE is what sells a property. Great job for sure!

  • Jason – thanks for the slap across the chops! I have a YouTube channel and other places where I can absolutely use this video as a selling tool to gain even more listings. I take an iPad to listing presentations to show short clips of my video work and to show the difference between video and virtual tours. I have a 98% closing rate but what I don’t have is enough listing presentations. I would greatly appreciate it if you could get in touch with me via email to discuss further. Many thanks for your great comments.

  • Thank you so much Larry for sharing the ranch video. My daughter Anna and I absolutely loved it and watched it over and over.

  • The camera isn’t the driver. A 5DMII, or III, a 7D, an EPIC, a Scarlet; a Black Magic. At the end of the day, you’re left, by yourself on location. Facing a challenge. When you meet that challenge with talent, and an idea, you get to charge more $. Not for profit. But to re-invest in better equipment. I’m left sad by the tech races today. The market thinks a better, faster, camera will win them ‘market share’. A Scarlet. An Epic. You’re deluded. A cinema ‘Motzart’ with an iPhone 3 could kick all our arses. A 3k Black Magic Camera will never offer the choices/power/speed of a $58,000 EPIC. That’s not the battleground guys. The more you think tech will win, the less you’ll win. We purchased an EPIC because we wanted to go to the next level of 5k processing. And if you offer up a BMC against an EPIC, you’re clearly deluded in the grand scheme of imaging.

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