This Week In Real Estate Video #24

September 14th, 2012

New York City with An Aussie Accent: I ran across this snappy little 1:28 video for Gateway Plaza 375 South End Ave in Battery Park by the new guys in NYC from I think it’s a great little video that demonstrates what can be done with a minute and a half with video.

I got some feedback from Tom Tezak on Maui that home owners from as far away as New Jersey are contacting him to find out who does property video in NJ. Tom is not the first to tell us that there are home sellers out there that  use This Week In Real Estate Video to connect with Realtors who do video to market their home.

Uneek Luxury Tours – Michael Pelzer: We’ve featured Michael here before but this last week I saw some of Michael’s recent work and was impressed again:

  1. Jennifer Piper Lake Whitney
  2. Solaire penthouse in Orlando

Michael has a unique and distinctive, dramatic style which I think works well for upper-end property video. Michael also has some interesting editing effects.

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #24”

  • There are a dozen individuals I like to follow in the U.S. and Michael is one of them. What I love about Michael’s work is his cinematic theme’s complimented by his music selection, edit choices and style that inspires action – Bravo Michael love your work mate…good job!

  • That was really fun to see because I know that neighborhood so well. My ex-in-laws lived there, in the building nearest the Statue of Liberty (well, the nearest residential building). I have shopped at that Gristedes numerous times, I have used the ATMs outside that Chase before buying pizza next door, and I have been to most of those parks and public areas.

    Can’t really comment on it as a “normal” viewer, but it certainly did a good job of conveying the emotions of that neighborhood for me. 🙂

  • That’s what it’s all about, Jon!

    Nice work Tom and Michael!

  • I really liked “Solaire Penthouse HD”…great work!

  • Great work! 🙂

  • This really great work. A realtor friend of mine in Columbia, South Carolina did something similar for one of his properties incorporating amazing timelapse tracking shots you really have to see to appreciate:

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