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September 11th, 2012

It seems like there are more articles in the real estate press these days talking about the importance of photography. Here’s a couple more recent ones:

4 Listing Photo Turn-Offs for Buyers: Jovan Hackley over at the The blog did this one. These are all good basic points. I have to give trulia credit for working to educate agents but I’m sorry, I have to laugh at the third point on “Amateur Lighting mistakes” that says:

If your listing doesn’t have windows or natural light, bring your own “sunlight.” Investing in household lamps (or toting a few in from your office) can go a long way toward producing better photos by brightening things up.

Yes, lighting interiors is the crux, isn’t it? There are better ways to do this than household lamps Jovan! Take a look at the PFRE blog lighting category.

Get the most out of mobile, social media and video: This article on by Paul Hagey, reporting on the Real Estate connect conference in San Francisco in early August had several interesting comments:

  1. Brian Boero: “…23 percent of the traffic to real estate-related websites comes from mobile devices”
  2. “Instagram was yesterday, video is tomorrow,” said Eric Bryn, vice president of digital innovation for real estate firm Baird & Warner, at a video-focused breakout session at Connect. Speakers at the session emphasized that videos should be short — two minutes long at the max — and have good lighting. If done well, video can take a real estate professional’s business to the next level.
  3. “Video’s a game-changer,” said Rick Teed, a San Francisco-based real estate agent and developer.

As usual, I’ve added these links to PFRE Important links.

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  • 23% wow. that’s increasing really fast. It’s the future.

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