You Can Read PFRE PDF Ebooks On Any Device

September 10th, 2012

I’ve gotten questions recently about how to get PFRE  ebooks to Kindles and iPads so I thought I’d give some instructions since there may be others with the same question. Everyone in our family from 3 year olds to 85 year olds are using tablets these days so I expect others are too.

First of all when you purchase a PFRE eBook you get a download link sent to the email address you used to purchase the ebook. This link is active for 120 hours after you purchase the book and you can use this download link on a Windows, Mac OS X, Linix, IOS, or Android devices. Right now all PFRE ebooks are PDF files.

  1. Windows or Mac OS X devices: Just double click on the download link and the PDF file will download to the location you specify. If you are purchasing multiple books the downloaded file will be a zip file. Older versions of Internet Explorer (versions 5 & 6) have download problems and frequently don’t download for various reasons. If you have trouble with IE try Chrome or Firefox or get the latest version of IE.
  2. IOS devices: The download link you get after purchase will work on IOS devices (iPhone & iPads) or you can email the PDF to the IOS device or Sync it to the IOS device with iTunes. Here are instructions on how to get the PDF into you iBooks App by emailing the PDF.
  3. Kindles: If you want to get PFRE ebooks to a Kindle you need to do the initial download to a Mac or Windows machine first and then use a USB cable to get it to the Kindle. Here are instructions.
  4. Android devices: Just email the PDF to the Android device or use the download link that is sent to you after purchase. You’ll need to have an App on your Android device that reads PDFs. There are several. Here is a run down.
I’m going to be converting some PFRE eBooks to ePub format. This conversion doesn’t make sense for all the PFRE ebooks because the ones with lots of photos and figures don’t work very well in ePub format. Epub format works better for books with just a few photos because an ePub ebook is laid out on the fly and the book is displayed. On the other hand, for books that are mostly text epub format works fine.


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