This Week In Real Estate Video #23

September 7th, 2012

Walking on a Moonbeam:
David Holloway of 521 Productions sent me some of his latest work recently.

I like David’s use of time-lapse in this video and the great use of voice-over. Note that all the home description in this video being done by the “home owner” is a professional voice over artist. David has graciously consented to share the identity of the voice over artist with us.

David says:

I have found a great voice over artist out of Salt Lake City – Elizabeth Hales. She is now my go to on all voice over work. I give her a script and she has me a finished product in less than 12 hours! She is incredible to work with, and I think her work greatly enhances the overall professional feel to my videos. Using an artist like Elizabeth means spend less time coaching and reshooting Realtors, I just use  the Realtors  a bit at the start and end.

Ascendance by Henry Jun Wah Lee/Evosia Studios:
While on Vimeo looking for the latest version of David’s video I discovered Henry Jun Wah Lee’s work and wanted to pass it along. In particular, his latest work, Ascendance is very special! While this is not purely real estate related I think time-lapse sequences add a lot to real estate videos.

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #23”

  • Simply amazing. Truly evokes the feel of the home and environment. Great job. Elizabeth does a wonderful job also.

    I also enjoyed watching Ascendance. This really took some work, experience, and knowledge of equipment and editing.

  • Love the voice-over. I used to feel the video revolved around the music, but now this voice-over could be the new center point and the video surrounds the voice-over.

  • Awesome Video – I loved it… As a fellow real estate videographer/photographer – I like to congratulate David on finding an quality agent who’s willing to pay for his hard work… Most of the agents I’m surround by are happy with their own free blackberry photos for all their listings… And would never ever dream of spending a $100 on quality photos! Never-mind paying more on videographer… This has to change some day… I hope

  • Great job, I am looking for some new ideas for my videos, and this has given me some.

  • Great Job to everyone involved in the project, the final result is excellent

  • in my opinion this is one of the best Real Estate videos I have ever seen! I have scoured the internet for 2 years and consider myself a student and I can say this is one of the best! Fantastic job David! This agent will get more business from doing this if he has any visibility at all and knows how to get this in the hands of other sellers. Which is an entirely different subject….and the voice over..its the icing on the cake. Normally I think the agent should do the voice over since its really not about the house but rather an opportunity for the agent to market themselves disguised as selling the house but the way this is presented is perfect.

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