A New Classic Photoshop CS6 Book By Scott Kelby Released

September 3rd, 2012

Scott Kelby’s new book on Photoshop CS6 is now shipping. Actually it’s been shipping for several weeks. I just got my copy this weekend. I’ve been a big fan of Scott Kelby’s books for a long time and as you would expect he’s done one for Photoshop CS6.

To me, there’s a reason why Scott sells more books than any other technical book on the planet. His books are very well written and easy to understand and he has a light hearted style that makes for easy reading. As Geoff Captain pointed out in a comment on a recent post I did on Scott’s Lightroom 4 book, “…Reference books like this, especially visual guides, are a must in paper.” I purchase most of my technical books these days as Kindle ebooks but this is the kind of classic that you need a paper copy!

In the last five years since I’ve begun writing and editing technical ebooks on subjects in real estate photography I’ve become even more aware of just how great Scott Kelby’s books are. Scott makes it look easy. His books are the best their are. This one is now exception.

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  • I also think this is a good book. I bought a copy and had Scott Kelby sign it when I was in Vegas for Photoshop World last week.

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