This Week In Real Estate Video #22

August 31st, 2012

One of the top Property Video Production companies: This week I’m happy to report that I discovered another one of the top real estate video companies in the world. I’ve been talking to David Ross of Turns out David and Brett Clements started together a number of years ago and then went their own ways. David is now the Managing Director of  and has offices in Australia, New York (the Hampton’s) and opened an office in California in June. Here are a selection of property videos:

  1. For Belle Property in Australia – This is’s entry level product.
  2. For The Corcoran Group at 1030 5th Ave NYC
  3. The iconic Portsea Hotel in Melbourne
  4. 311 Kings Rd in Newport Beach, CA

I asked David why he thought that CA seems to behind the curve in using property video. His response was:

We opened an office in Southern California in June so its very early days for us there. The market is very much driven by quantity over quality when it comes to photography with most agents using 25-30 photos per property covering every room (multi-angles), bathrooms, closets….you name it they shoot it. The use of video is really limited to auto-generated slideshows.

The reason for this is two-fold that I can see so far.

  1. Lack of understanding and awareness of video i.e. how effective it is in conveying information, engaging an audience and building profile and how cost-effective great quality video can be i.e. $350 as a starting point (this is not limited to CA by the way!).
  2. Lack of good video vendors that provide that balance of quality/price (poor content isn’t going to do your brand justice).

The over-riding response so far to our “premium quality” content (photos/video) has been very positive and we have gained instant traction with realtors who have been waiting for something that ticks these boxes. We are really only tapping into that top 10% of agents so far i.e those that do get the benefits of video however like every market its all about educating these agents about the power of video. Like agents all over the world, once they see their competitor embracing new technology then like sheep, they jump on board with the early adopters.

Property Video Hangout Hosted by Rudy Bachraty from WellcomMat:
Rudy discusses Real Estate Video – That Was Then, This Is Now With Fred Light, Joe Burslem and Joel Carlsen.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #22”

  • Some really nice videos this week. Especially drawn to the Portsea Hotel. Everything worked in this one. The music, the framing, the colors, the texture and even the length was perfect. It’s a wonderful marketing piece for them.

  • David is certainly correct. I’ve shot some of the highest end homes here in coastal LA, and the few videos I’ve done have received lots of praise. But the moment they’re done, the agents go back to cheap slideshows filled with hazy HDR stills. And yes, on $1.5m+ homes!

  • David Ross has had absolutely nothing to do with PlatinumHD. Whatsoever. He is not involved in our history. And never was. He continues to claim an association. The only association I had with Mr Ross was under the Propvid banner over 6 years ago. He wanted to buy into the business in 2004. Or thereabouts. The few years i worked with David are forgettable. His Company continues to claim associations in Australia and overseas. There are NO associations on any level. Any claims otherwise are false and misleading.

  • Couldnt agree more with Brett. David has been pretending for years, terrific salesmen.

  • Even wears a similar CREW T-shirt I hear. Changed his web site to .tv and introduced the slate.

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