Real Estate Photoshop Strategies From Doctor-Photo

August 29th, 2012

Of course you’ve heard of Dr-Photo! We featured John Durant aka Dr-Photo a while back when he started up his property blog in March of last year. John is s 30+ year Estate Agent (that’s what they call real estate agents in the UK), long time property photographer and Photoshop guru extraordinaire.

John recently sent me a link to one of his recent posts that shows some pretty awesome photoshop gymnastics that he did for a developer so the developer would have some great photos before the property was finished.

I am very impressed that John was able to “install” the glass deck railing on this photo with photoshop.

The kind of photoshop work that John’s post talks about is always the kind of thing that raises discussions about how much photoshop work it too much and where is the line for real estate photography. Since we’ve had this discussion so many times here on PFRE I have a page on the ethics of photo modification that summarizes the guidelines for photo modification.

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3 Responses to “Real Estate Photoshop Strategies From Doctor-Photo”

  • John (OBI-WAN) you really are the master, you amaze me with your work and I am glad you started me off on my Property Photography Journey with one-to-one training. But I have a lot to catch up with to be anything as good as you.

  • That’s a nice example of the need to Photoshop real estate photos. Here are some more interesting examples:

  • @Richard- Great work! thanks for the examples

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