Two Articles For Your Collection of Marketing Materials

August 28th, 2012

When you write real estate marketing copy for your website, brochures or if you are going to talk to an office full of agents about photography, it always helps to have some authoritative articles. Many of us consider the real estate photography message obvious but in a presentation or marketing copy it just amplifies the message if you can document it with credible references to sites like the Wall Street Journal. Here are a couple of recent articles:

  1. Get a Picture-Perfect Home Sale: August 26, 2012, by Amy Hoak, from the WSJ MarketWatch. The thing I like about this article is that it points out that the home seller needs to be taking an active part in hiring a listing agent that will do a good job of marketing their home even to the point of approving the photos and marketing materials. Thanks to Mark Maranda for this link.
  2. Attract Home Buyers Easily With Great Photography: From by Kristie Barnett. This article is written from the point of view a home stager/stylist that has some nice tips on things to think about in composition. This article reminds me of the homes I’ve shot with the help of a stager/stylist. It always makes a huge difference when you can have someone involved with the shoot that has an eye for home design and is on site just thinking about design. If you can build a relationship with a good home stager/stylist. Frequently there’s isn’t budget available for staging when when there is shooting interiors it makes a difference in the results. For top-end interior photography designers are almost always involved. Thanks to Ron Rosenzweig for passing this article along.

As usual I’ve added these articles to my Delicious list of important articles for real estate photography. A link to this list in on the right side-bar under “Other Links”.

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3 Responses to “Two Articles For Your Collection of Marketing Materials”

  • As a real estate agent, I don’t like to encourage my clients to be active participants in the photo selection process. Too many sellers are emotionally invested in their homes which can cloud their judgement. They hire me to market their house and part of that is selecting and creating the marketing materials.

  • “Evaluate the agent”

    This is the one that agents probably don’t think about until it’s brought to their attention. Buyers DO choose their Realtor based on their other listings; how good the photos are, how well the copy is written, etc. So as photographers, we not only help them out as a buyer’s agent, but as a seller’s agent too.

  • Great articles! Sent those out to a few friends!

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