This Week In Real Estate Video #21

August 24th, 2012

This week’s featured videos: Thanks to Joe Zekas over at for pointing out 1614 N. Wolcott by Robert John Anderson to me.

I really like this little video. Very punchy, concise and effective. To me this has everything a property video should have. Holds your interest and conveys the emotional feel of a property. Sweet!

Here is a second, complementary neighborhood video also by Robert John called Bucktown: Morning Noon and Night. Again, this has a really nice feel to it. Gives a lot of information and feel for Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Nice job Robert!

PlatinumHD Now Has a Production Office in NY: Look out the Aussies are coming! now has an office in New York. Duncan Schieb (917-224-4526) is the man in charge. Gold Coast shooter Zoran Prodanovic has been sponsored into the US to set up shop with Duncan.

What is the best way to “tag” YouTube Property Videos? This is a reader question that I got this last week and I think it’s a subject that most people uploading property video to YouTube could use help with. Before I list the answer I want say this is just stuff I noticed that Fred Light does with his YouTube video so to see examples of how to do this take a look at any of the videos in Fred’s YouTube Channel.

  1. YouTube is a search engine for searching for video, so titles are of primary importance. Also google searches YouTube. I noticed that the YouTube video a property I sold recently got better google ranking (first line of the search results) for the properties address string than the property site I had with the same address string as the domain name. Why bother with property sites when you just put the address in the title of the YouTube video for free?
  2. Text in the YouTube description fields gets searched. So put all of the listing description text in the description field so it can be searched and so viewers have access to the detail of the property.
  3. Put the URL of the listing agent somewhere in the first three lines (first three lines are always visible)
  4. Also put the URL for the photographer some place in the description… probably at the end of the description field.

I’m always amazed at how many YouTube videos I see that there’s no way to get to the owners contact information.

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5 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #21”

  • Yep, I too love the “yoChicago” video. Another great example of what one can do to entice viewers/buyers and sell real estate. I felt the balance was nice and the music was groovy and kept me engaged. Might have been a little too heavy on the detailed shots and not quite enough of the rooms to get a good feel for the place. But then again, pictures can do that.

  • Great video, nice style, fun music. Good Job

  • Larry, thank you for posting this week in Real Estate Video each Saturday. This is my favorite post of yours of the week each week! Bill

  • For once running water in a real estate video for an actual purpose, I always hate seeing water running just to create motion so you know it’s video. I wonder if that ever turns off an environmentally aware buyer?

  • I like the video, but I HATE that it opens and plays everytime I visit PFRE. Please turn off the auto play feature.


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