JuiceBox: A Easy Way To Create Real Estate Slide Shows That Work Everywhere

August 19th, 2012

Joshua Vensel in Atlanta recently commented on a post from last spring where I was pointing out that everyone needs to be avoiding using tours and slide shows that are implemented with Flash, Java and other outdated technologies that are not supported on mobile devices.

Joshua pointed out that one of his favorite pieces of software for creating self-hosted slide shows is JuiceBox. The beauty of a JuiceBox slide show is that it will run and adapt to any device and browser. It looks great on all my devices from my iPhone to iPad to my 27″ monitor. There’s a free version of JuiceBox and a Pro version for $49.

Self-hosted slide shows are slide shows that you create and upload to your own website. Although it’s not difficult, they are not for everybody. You have to be up to FTPing the slide shows to your website. You can setup Lightroom to do the FTPing (in the Web module) and just upload directly from a Lightroom collection to your site. So, if you have a site on you could create an unlimited number of slide shows for $4.95/month + $49 one time for JuiceBox. And you  could do as Joshua has done and name the slide shows by adding an address based folder name for each slide show to the end of your domain:

All you have to do to get this to work with Lightroom is to figure out the URL to point Lightroom at to create the slide show folders on your site.

Of course the next thing everyone wants to do is add agent branding, maps etc. Which again is not hard but it takes some knowledge of HTML. Self-hosted slide shows are an alternative for the more technically inclined.

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3 Responses to “JuiceBox: A Easy Way To Create Real Estate Slide Shows That Work Everywhere”

  • I think JuiceBox looks great. Their Lightroom plug-in should be really convenient.

    I have my own web hosting site and have been using Rapidweaver to create content. Unfortunately Rapidweaver is no longer a good solution for me.

    So my question is: can JuiceBox Pro and JuiceboxBuilder be used to create a landing page with a simple menu system. I am not looking for a highly customized, personalized landing page. I just wonder if JuiceBox Pro and JuiceboxBuilder can be used to create an entire site.

  • @william- Juicebox is just for making slide shows. It’s not for making menus etc. If you knew HTML you could add that menus to a Juicebox slide show. If you are not into hacking your own HTML I’d recommend you just go get a template site at some place like that can provide template sites for photographers.

  • Thanks Larry.

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