This Week In Real Estate Video #20

August 17th, 2012

This week I want to feature some interesting examples of real estate marketing video done by Tom Tezak on Maui and pass along an amazing success story from Charlie Dresen of Steamboat, CO.

Tom Tezak: Tom is a Luxury Realtor and avid hobby photographer on Maui. He has been doing video for several years. He characterizes himself as a “pretty good photographer” but realize’s the benefit of working with a professional. Besides the more traditional real estate video Tom also does reviews of Maui food trucks and did a auto review of his new Porsche Panamera and has a very informative video on how to negotiate as a real estate buyer. Tom’s work is an example that there are many more ways to get exposure as a Realtor than just do property videos. I think all of Tom’s videos do a great job of connecting personally with the viewers.

  1. 2644 Mo’olio Place – Shot by Travis Rowan for Tom Tezak
  2. Makena Beach Bar Be Que – by Tom Tezak and Dan Bardenhagen
  3. Porsche Panamera review – Shot MeshMediaLLC Maui with Tom Tezak.
  4. Fall in Love with 3 – Negotiating RE video
I think I’ve eaten at the Big Beach BBQ in near Makena Beach that Tom reviews. Our family discovered Makena beach near Makena State Park in the late 70’s and we go there every chance we get. To me it’s one of the best beaches on the planet! When you go to Maui be sure to check out Big Beach at Makena!

Charlie Dresen’s Story: Charlie pointed out to me this last week a post he did explaining how a real estate video he did for one of his listings ended up netting the sell $10,000 more than they would likely have gotten without a video. Charlie has all the details in his post but in short, the buyers were from out of town and were bidding against another buyer and having the video of the property gave the out of town buyer the confidence to raise their offer $10,000 to get the property. This kind of thing actually happens more than you would think in hot markets when the buyers are out of town and they are forced to react quickly to get the property they want.



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3 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #20”

  • HI, We’d love to do videos like 2644 Mo’olio Place.

    -Does anyone have a feel for how much we might charge for this type of video?

    -Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to create the narration and merge with the imagery? (We struggle to get realtors to script and perform a 15 second intro to their videos.)

    We are in the SF Bay area. Thank you – Art

  • @Art – 2644 Mo’olio Place was done by Travis Rowan — Here is his Services page ( I’m sure if you contact Travis he would be glad to give you more details.

    On narration there are many professional narration services that will do voice overs for you. Just google “video narration”. Yes, Tom has a talent for narration that most Realtors don’t have.

  • Aloha Art, tom here, thanks for the kind remarks on my 2656 Moolio Listingin Maui . I would recommend a couple things as for pricing and sound contact travis and check with him, he has been working through the pricing and uses an auxiliary recorder for sound quality …
    As for getting agents that are comfortable on video research to see if any of the agents in your area have been on any of the real estate programs like house hunters etc. , I did that several years ago and it gave me a great appreciation for how the production works and it got me comfortable on the camera. I think if you approach them you may find some willing agents that will outpace there competition. I know my videos intimidate the other realtors in my market and helps me to get great market visibility, which probably would be a selling point to convince some agents to step out of the box.. which is all part of my marketing, I know I struggled to find a videographer that was willing to do this kind of production, so I am sure there are agents out there but you have not connected with them yet. as for the process I actually write the script as if I am taking a client through the property. we then create the intro and outro with me on camera…we design it so the intro and outro can be edited out so it can then be used on my local MLS as they require unbranded marketing. I then go into a quite space and record the voice over on the auxiliary recorder and Travis blends the two. I also provide travis with the script which he then uses as a shoot list for video and stills. I then end up with 2 videos one unbranded for MLS and one Branded that goes on my website, facebook, zillow youtube etc. when you watch the video you will notice right after the intro cutaway my voice over re-introduces the property but I never mention my name or contact info until the outro. which allows for an easy edit yet we still provide all the info…If I can be of any help don’t hesitate to contact me at or 808-280-2055 you can also feel free to pass my info on to any realtors your may be trying to convince to try it out.

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