This Week In Real Estate Video #19

August 10th, 2012

This week I want to feature a video by David Holloway. David used to be a Realtor in SC, when I first met him online a several years ago. David developed a passion for real estate photography and eventually video. I got an email from David a couple of days ago:

I was shooting a real estate video on the Abbeville SC square – when the town manager approached me about doing a video for the city of Abbeville – I talked to Heath (Heath Cowart) about it as I thought I was a little over my head – We submitted a bid and got it. Heath came down and helped me shoot one day of the Abbeville Spring Festival. I shot and edited the rest with the help of Melinda – Heath’s partner.
Just wanted to say thank you – as your website put me in touch with Heath but more importantly has inspired me to follow my passion.

Below are several more real estate videos of interest:

  1. Pretty, Near, Perfect – by David Holloway – David and Heath’s nicely done video of Abbeville, SC.
  2. 511 River Rd Austin Texas – by Tom Coplen – I really like the video work in Tom’s video very effective. My feedback to Tom is I think he should find some different music. I associate Acoustic Sunrise as a free iMovie track so to me it feels like it shouts “iMovie”. Not a big thing but I think a different track would improve it.
  3. Spider & Fly Revisited – by Staats & Co I’ve pointed out this video a couple of times in this weekly series on real estate video but Andrew Hughes sent me a link to this article over at that explains the interesting background behind this video.
  4. 14355 Denton Ave, Truckee, CA – by TahoeREPhotography – This video is one from the PFRE video For Real Estate flickr group.
  5. 1640 Maple #203, Evanston Illinois – by Candice Kuzmarski – This is another video from the PFRE video For Real Estate flickr group. Candice has a nice smooth style that fits nicely with the music.
  6. Cedar Grove 6102 Nanaimo BC by ArtezVideo – I really like the slow slider moves that Alberto, Mia Dominguez and crew use for their video. Great work Alberto, Mia and family! Their video style is unique and very smooth.
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4 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #19”

  • Thanks for featuring The Spider and The Fly again Larry. It was good to revisit that production and what Staats & Co is doing in general. Very inspiring and creative and interesting! Also, I wanted to say that I think David Holloway has a great eye and certainly has lots of enthusiasm for making video. He’s learning so fast, it’s been fun to watch him grow.

  • Congratulations David, great, fun video of Abbeville !! Thanks for sharing !!

  • David sets a great example of how to break into this business. He is shooting everyday and creating his own video projects when he is between jobs. He is seeking mentors, taking classes, reading everything he can find on video, and actively finding or creating work instead of waiting for it to show up. He is persistently and relentlessly pursuing his goal to create a video production company and it is working. Success leaves clues and if we watch David’s path in this business we can learn a lot.

  • Thanks for all the kind comments! Do not feel like I am anywhere near where I want to be but feel like I am getting there – Heath and Melinda – Thanks for all of your advice and words of encouragement – You guys are amazing – always willing to give constructive advice, humble, and so talented.

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