Congratulations To EDL Team, JPL, NASA and Planet Earth

August 5th, 2012

One of the first images from Curiosity a few minutes after a smooth touch down on Mars. Some real estate 350,000,000 miles from here.

Another small step!

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10 Responses to “Congratulations To EDL Team, JPL, NASA and Planet Earth”

  • It was so exciting watching the landing!!

  • Historic stuff! Hope you had a great time watching it with the younger generation!

  • Thanks for the heads up Larry; I stayed up to watch it. There was a lot of excitement at the JPL facility

    I am overwhelmed at the quality images that can be sent back to earth…….I can’t wait to see a Virtual tour of the planet from Curiosity. I wonder if JPL prefers the Nikon over the Canon.

    I was very impressed

  • Talk about “elevated photography!”

  • I’m glad to see that the first photo were real estate. 🙂

  • NASA uses Nikon equipment and most of the pros shooting at JPL last night appeared to be using Nikon cameras. I saw one guy with a white lens, must have been his personal rig.

    Larry … BTW; the HiRISE camera on the MRO caught the MSL chute and capsule in descent! They talked about this last night as being a long shot. Well, the did indeed capture it from 211 miles high! Simply amazing!

  • They also found the heat shield falling. In the large TIF file, look below and to the right of the parachute, just inside the darker material in the lower right of the image. Looks a lot like a crater, but brighter. Pretty incredible stuff.

  • Yahoo. We did it again. We are the only country that has ever, EVER, landed spacecraft on Mars. Well done USA.


  • Actually, the Soviet Union successfully landed 2 probes on the surface in the early 70s, but they didn’t last long.

  • congratulations to the EDL team,in particular Adam Steltzner

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