This Week In Real Estate Video #18

August 3rd, 2012

Seems like there was a bunch of stuff happening in the area of real estate video this week.

First of all Michael Yearout sent me an example of one of his first listings that he used video on. Michael used the tactical video feature over at TourBuzz that allows you to use video clips in a tour just like a still shot and mix video clips in with a still slide show. This a good a first step to getting into real video. It simplifies editing when you first get started. I know many don’t like the confusion between slide shows and real video but this seems part way in between slide shows and video.

  1. Baldy Mt. Views at Breckenridge, COMichael Yearout This is an example of TourBuzz tactical video mentioned above.
  2. Glenshera McLaren Flat South Australia – Michael Stentiford – This is full video treatment of a very elegant property. I like the subtleness of music in this one.
  3. 1061 1st Crown Point Road Strafford, NHJared Saulnier – Jared’s video immediately caught my attention immediately because he used the same voice-over artist that Malia Campbell used on the video she did for the rental property we sold last January in Snoqualmie, WA. Jared has done a nice job I think.
  4. Aurasma: A Great Self-Promotion Tool and a Way to Get Your Film into Augmented Reality – article from Tony Boros sent me this link and I haven’t had time to check this technology out but it looks like it has great potential. I think we’ll be seeing much more of this in the future.
  5. Use of video for rental properties in BostonProper Realty Group – I got this link from an interview that Rudy Bacharaty at did with Jack Gately. Jack claims that using video for promoting rental properties is hot in the Boston area but if I just look at the most recent rental video on Jack’s company’s YouTube channel it looks like and example of how not to do real estate video. Having agents do their own video and not doing any editing may be expedient but to me this video has a completely negative effect. It just has to be better to actually promote a rental property! To me most of these rental videos are a complete turn off!
  6. Radian: A motion time-lapse device at KickStarter – Jill McIntire sent me a link to this KickStarter project that is creating a low cost motion time-lapse device. I just have to have one of these! I wish I didn’t have to wait for it until Jan 2013.
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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #18”

  • I don’t find it confusing at all and I actually like the still/video presentation. Best of both worlds. Because the video clips are short you can control/choose lighting that is much more favorable. For difficult areas you can use stills. I am just starting in this area.

    What is the best editing software to do this kind of video-still presentation?


  • I have to agree on the mixing of stills and video. Very nice Michael, particurally with the integration of community clips – which is something I don’t do, primarilly for workflow efficiency but also to limit size/time.The stills give such clear and detailed info on inanimate scenes far greater than video can accomplish.Actually, if you look back at posts about 6 weeks ago when Larry included the Ken Burns video, it was a mixture of stills (with Ken Burns effect) and video.

    Also use Tourbuzz and include video clips in tours, but usually no more than three. Typically scenes are gate opening (if gated community), front door opening without a person visible inviting to view the interior, and water features around the pool. Something that shows action. One home had a putting green in the rear so I “forced” the owner to grab his putting iron for some action shots.

    I found various advantages. 1) very well received by Realtors, and you stand out as a photographer offering tours. Last week one client called me when she saw a the doo and pool sequences and said “When did you start doing this – luv it!” 2) Great practice editing video, particurally when you combine a couple of clips. 3) Not quite ready to do full video, but almost there (and my Konova slider is on the UPS truck for Thur delivery YAH!), 4) The Tourbuzz mix raises the expectation and may set up for the premium video on the upper end homes and set apart from the lower end homes.

    @Craig – I use Premiere Pro which is waaaaay overkill, but good to learn the software for more complicated future endeavors. Ultra-basic supports the needs of creating a single clip for Tourbuzz. That would include iMovie if using a Mac to the very low cost (even free with included hardware) on a PC. Not free, but cheap, and servicable for more complex video development as skills increase is Premiere Elements on the PC (or Mac) but on a Mac, splurge a little extra with Final Cut.

  • Hi Larry,

    Here are 2 more well done videos.

    This one is a full on production with the cast enjoying the home. Tim Ray at Colorado Virtual Tours shot and produced it: (click video)

    Here is another great option by Trey Freeze in Ft. Worth. The cool thing is he can deliver a Branded and Unbranded tour (notice the URL is the same except for IDX mode) View the branded first – IDX mode caches:


    Photographers a restarting to figure cool ways to use video and more importantly get paid for it.


  • @Craig – you can easily create this style of vid with Window Live Movie Maker. If you’re on a PC, that’s a good place to start before you invest money in editing software.

  • I appreciate the comments. I’ve noticed some of my agents are now including “community stills” in there listings and this is what gave me the idea to shoot some “community video clips” and add them to a slideshow/video. Like you, Larry G, there has been a lot of interest since I sent out an email blast to all the agents in my area about this type of tour/video, we’ll see what happens. It’s just one more arrow in the quiver.


  • @Larry G. = I have been told that Adobe makes an Elements inexpensive version for Video that they sell stand-alone or with the regular Elements. I haven’t tried it, but perhaps these two pieces of software along with Lightroom may be enough (maybe a couple of plug-ins like photomatix) for most architectural and real estate photographers.

  • Hi Larry!

    Thanks for sharing the link and your thoughts.

    If you watched the whole interview, you will see that I mention your exact point to Jack. I showed a video of a messy apartment and asked Jack why they would put that up. He said their audience, college rental crowd, does not mind that and that they want to see how it really looks without any staging and fancy presentation.

    I kind of get that as rental properties moves really fast and are here today and gone tomorrow. Just showing a quick DIY handheld walkthrough video in that situation may make sense. It seems to work for them, in their local market and for their audience.

    But yeah, personally, I’d clean the place up a bit and use other ties of shots which would take no more time or effort on the part of the person filming…..Kuddos to them for doing things their way though…..We’ve received some good feedback on their approach from others who are interested in marketing their rental properties……That’s a good thing.


    Rudy from WellcomeMat

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