Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror Coming August 6th 5:24AM UTC

August 2nd, 2012

This has absolutely nothing to do with real estate photography but being a aerospace junkie and lifetime software engineer, I can’t help point out the significance of this event. My grandson and I are going to be watching this live. I think it is one of the more significant events in robotics and space exploration in some time. This may be as significant an event as the landing of Apollo 11, in July of 1969.

On Monday August 6, 5:24 AM UTC (that’s August 5 10:24PM Pacific time here in North America) the next Mars rover is with luck, landing on Mars. The video to the right explains the landing sequence and everything that has to happen for this unique landing to take place. Since radio waves take 14 minutes to get from Mars to Earth, this has to be a robotic event with no human in the control loop. You can watch this landing live at the NASA channel.

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7 Responses to “Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror Coming August 6th 5:24AM UTC”

  • Hmmmmmmm! I think we do this sort of stuff every day!


  • Thanks for the info Larry,
    This is very exciting news to me.
    I was an aerospace photographer for Sperry Gyroscope on Long island and photographed Astronomy book covers for John Wiley publishing company. I am very excited to be able to watch this historic event on NASA TV.
    But 10:24 Pacific time makes it very late here in FL, especially on a Sunday night………….do you think they could have it earlier, so I can get some sleep?

  • I’m with you Larry. I’ve been a space junkie since I was a little kid watching Alan Sheppard on that first sub-orbital flight.

    This Mars landing will be awesome. I’ll be staying up to watch and keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.


  • Anyone wanting to get a simple explanation of how this landing differs from previous ones can take a look at this article on Bloomberg:

    Actually, this does have to do with photography for real estate; they’ll be sending photos of future real estate. 😉

  • This is so exciting Larry : thanks for posting : I remember watching the lunar landings back in ’69 with my dad: apparently they took a specially commissioned Hasselblad camera up there to take the shots: seems the latest panoramic camera that they are going to use on Mars is a whole lot more complicated, generating a 4000 x 24000 pixel image: Pity: I would have volunteered to join the mission with my 5D !

  • selling land lots on mars. nice.
    btw great AP rig. lol

  • I got goosebumps watching this. Great way to get inspired for the day.

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