One of The Best Combination Still and Video Tours I’ve Seen

July 29th, 2012

Rob Holowka in Toronto sent me this link to his stunning tour of this Oakville, Ontario property.

The tour interested me for several of reasons:

  1. Rob is using the same King Size, fullscreen theme that I did a post on several days ago. However, Rob is using Ken Burns panning on the fullscreen background photos with gives a very cool effect.
  2. The second addition that Rob is using is he’s embedded a Vimeo walk through video. I think the video is well worth watching. Rob has a very interesting, unique walk-through video style that is  very distinctive. I like the high-key look to the video and Rob’s moves during the walk through are interesting and unique. I also think Rob has done a wonderful job editing the video. There’s a very elegant, short time-lapse sequence of the outside sliding doors shutting, just after the motorized window shades go up… great job!
  3. While you are checking out Rob’s work look at the little YouTube promotional video he has on the front page of his site.

Great job Rob! This is one of the best combination still and video tours I’ve seen!

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10 Responses to “One of The Best Combination Still and Video Tours I’ve Seen”

  • Beautiful videography, but is it just me, or do others think the still photos are much better? Brilliantly presented property, with amazing still photos. I don’t think it needs the video. And I shudder to think how much time it all took! Fabulous work, though, and I suppose if either medium brought in a qualified buyer, it’s all worth it!!

  • Wonderful site. And very cool home.

    @ Bruce – Great point and I see what you’re talking about. The pictures are all sharp and light balanced well. But in video it’s hard to achieve that. Hence, many over exposed windows and thus it’s not as crisp as the pictures. But the video adds so much more. It brings the home to life and adds a different perspective. I feel video is a medium to elicit emotions and provoke . . . the phone to ring. The video works for me and well worth the effort and time.

  • Good video. Does anyone have any suggestions where you can find background music similar to this one? This was modern and suits the type of video used but many other real estate videos have dated and cheesy background music.

  • I see what Bruce is saying and it is the response I have had to most RE videos I watch. I almost feel like I have to take my “photographer hat” off and look at it from a different angle/perspective, because RE videos violate almost everything I aim for in interior stills, almost all of which have to do with light. But videos do bring something else to the table and I think I need to focus on that as I add video to what I want to offer clients. It has been a little bit of a struggle and learning experience for me. My working with stills has almost caused me to cringe when I see most video.
    But in the end I don’t think buyers/sellers see it the way I do. So off I go to learn something new. Thanks for teaching me something!


  • I’m just an amateur photographer/videographer, but a top producing realtor nonetheless, so I’ll weigh in as a listing agent. I absolutely love the creativity, cool movements, effects, and the story that is told in this video. As an agent who might get this as a finished project, I don’t like all the overblown whites. When I pull it up in full screen, it really bothers me. I get what he was going for, but the exaggerated whites would be something I wouldn’t want in my tours.

  • Unfortunately, the walkthrough page is a major processor hog and on an older computer it runs about as smooth as a washboard. But I guess if you can afford that house you probably already have the latest technology, so perhaps that’s moot.

  • What I found exceptionally interesting was this link on Rob’s website. Check this out:
    then watch the actual video on YouTube…….definitely over the top but very, very effective as an attention grabber! It’s not just Brett Clements that is producing some really creative RE video.
    Best Regards,

  • Terrific video. Has all the styles and sells the home really very well. As Charlie says, its brings the home to life

  • This is a really great example of video, stills, presentation etc. Video at night – unless you have a very wide open aperature and/or a very high ISO camera like the 5DMark2 or 3, it is hard to get those video night shots. Overall, given the use of the video and the website, this is a 5 star production and sets a standard that we should all strive to meet or exceed. Thank you for sharing your presentation with Larry and thank you Larry for sharing with the blog!

  • I like the overall structure and style of the tour, too. But how does everyone find the transition speeds? I find it somewhat slow..

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