This Week in Real Estate Video #17

July 27th, 2012

What I enjoy doing for this weekly post on real estate video is collect real estate video that I come across during the week and then pick one that is my favorite to feature.

This week my favorite video is Pee Wee’s Playhouse. The reason this video is my favorite is I have a  good friend, named James, in Seattle that has his apartment decorated in 1950’s memorabilia very much like Pee Wee has. About 15 years ago (before I could shoot video) I shoot a series of stills James’ apartment to document his fantastic decorations. After seeing Pee Wee explain his place I very much want to go find James and shoot a video of him explaining his decorations.

  1. Epic and Honest Mobile Home CommercialRett & Link – This is a video that I posted on the blog a year or more ago when it was first put on YouTube and I’m posting it again because I think it is so well done and funny.
  2. Pee Wee’s Playhouse For SaleKrista Freeborn Vancouver, BC – Despite what you may think, there are people like Pee Wee that decorate their property like this. I know a guy that has his place decorated very much like Pee Wee’s place.
  3. 18 Taffeta Drive, Mt Cotton QLD 4165Jade Hale  – My good friend Allan MacKenzie in Brisbane pointed out this video to me. You will notice that the story line was inspired by a video by Mark Wilson of Toronto that I featured several weeks back on This week in Real Estate Video.
  4. Kangaroo Point is a great place to live – Adrienne Dufficy – Adrienne is a participant of the PFRE Video For Real Estate flickr group and I noticed her video there.
  5. The Cane Creek LifestyleHeath Cowart – I ran across this video on YouTube and recognized Heath Cowart’s style long before I got the the end of the video and knew for sure it was Heath’s. Interesting how individual everyone’s style is.
  6. 908-6th Ave North, Seattle WADan Achatz – I saw Dan’s new video because I subscribe to Dan’s YouTube Channel. Dan has a pretty distinctive style too.
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5 Responses to “This Week in Real Estate Video #17”

  • Step aside agents, let the owner do the selling. There’s something to be said for the owners telling the story. After all, who know the place more.

    We’re always trying to figure out how to tap into or find the right buyer for a property. Pee Wee’s 50’s style video did it for me. It’s simple but I watched the entire video. A hard sale but it’s getting the word out.

  • I really like the story telling style of 18 Taffeta drive i was engaged from start to finish. these videos are a great inspiration to me to do some more creative shoots for my real estate business…Keep up the good work.

  • Larry….I can’t show you the ’50s, but if you want to re-live the ’70’s come over to my house in Iowa. We just bought this house in Feb and it has not been updated since it was built in the late ’60’s. Red and gold shag carpet, indoor charcoal grill in the kitchen, even one of the bathrooms had lime green shag carpet and the toilet area had it up the walls to the ceiling. We love this house!

    I agree with Tom that the story telling of 18 Taffeta Drive was great and probably my favorite this week.

  • @Kerry – We purchased our first home in 1969 and it had some of that gold shag carpet.. we had a choice of gold or green shag… even the appliances came in harvest gold or green.

  • Was just scanning over some previous posts and noticed the 18 Taffeta Drive, Mt Cotton QLD 4165 by Jade Hale.

    This is not inspiration, this is almost a pure copy of what Mark Wilson did! Jade adds a female but copies the rest of the video almost to a tee….

    Pretty sad when you cant come up with your own creative ideas….Jade should be embarrassed.

    This is like Steven Spielberg making a movie about a huge luxury cruise ship that sinks called the Gigantic and adding a few characters.

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