A Clean Elegant Inexpensive Approach to a Real Estate Property or Portfolio Site

July 24th, 2012

Link Moser, a Realtor in NH sent me this elegant example of a property site that he created out of a popular WordPress Theme. I really like the fullscreen background style of this theme. I think it makes a great theme for property sites.

Sure, you are going to have to know enough about WordPress to get an inexpensive site and install this theme on the site but it’s not really that difficult. The theme Link is using (King Size Photography theme) is $50 and a WordPress site to install it on is $4.95/month but you can reuse the theme and site for another property site when this property sells.

Note that this theme would also make a great real estate photographer portfolio site rather than a property site. Either way this is a pretty elegant site for the money.

I gave Link a bad time about his verticals and he straightened them right up so we have another Realtor trained on the importance of having verticals vertical. Thanks Link for being a good sport and sharing this great WordPress theme with us!

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13 Responses to “A Clean Elegant Inexpensive Approach to a Real Estate Property or Portfolio Site”

  • You can just get the HTML version for $15, no need for wordpress for a one time listing site.

    One thing you really have to be careful to check is that these templates are looking the same and are fully functional on mobile devices. The menu and photos on this one gets cutoff on my iPhone and is basically unusable, not sure about the iPad (my wife has mine at work)….maybe someone can post how it looks on it and other mobile devices.

  • @Chris – Excellent point I neglected to check it out on the iPad before I did the post but I just checked now an it looks like it works ok on my iPad.

  • @Larry

    Maybe its just the small screen on the smaller mobile devices maybe (or just my iPhone).

    While the iphones and other small mobile devices are important to consider when selecting/desigining a listing site (or any website), I wonder how many people are actually viewing these types of listing sites on them? (especially with tablets being so popular)

  • It works fine on my iPad 3. Nav, presentation all of it works as expected. And I really like this theme. As a WordPress website creator this theme is damn nice!!

  • @Chris

    Do you have Google Analytics set up on your site? You can very easily and quickly create a custom report that will tell you exactly what people are using to hit your tours. Based on what I see, I think for organic views, you’ll find VERY low mobile devices. I think the majority of folks who are actually looking for properties, are probably using computers.

    The reason I say that is based off my stats, and another interesting thing I just looked up because your question interested me. I completed a video/photo package for a realtor yesterday – it was the first time I’ve worked with her. She was SUPER excited to have the video. So she did what all realtors SHOULD do, and she blasted it to her social media sites (mainly Facebook). This particular Tour link if I look at it independently, is showing 57% Non-Mobile, 43% Mobile (based off 93 views in the last day). So as you can see, she was excited and convinced people to watch it because it was new to her, so that triggered a lot of people to click on it through Facebook on their mobile device. Just my opinion obviously by looking at the stats..

    If you don’t have Google Analytics, you should get it and start working with it a bit. It’s free and has TONS of useful info. With a click of a button, I can immediately see of those 93 views, how many were mobile, and of the mobile ones, I can see what device they were. iPad, iPhone, HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid2, Sony Ericsson LT15i Xperia Arc and HTC Desire HD. And the funny thing, Google Analytics has a little camera icon next to each one of those devices so you can see what they actually look like.

  • +1 on Google Analytics!

  • @Lance

    Thanks for the info, Im pretty sure I set up Google Analytics when I did my site but never really used it. Ill have to spend some time checking it out!

  • Check out my site, i think its better imho. what you guys think of the pictures condo diana and charly, i just took them with canon t2i,sigma 10-20, magic lantern to do the 7 shot different exposure, lightroom 4, os x mountain lion, lr/enfuse.

  • @Gama

    Who designed your site and who do you host with?

  • @Lance –
    You are so right about google analytics. Even with automatic hit reports from virtual tour providers – if you can navigate the GA and Webmaster tools, you have access to a lot of very helpful information about your website, who is viewing, how they are viewing, etc. that goes way beyond the hit reports. I also have found that my visitors using mobile devices are maybe 1-2% of my total viewers and, they did not stay on pages as often or visit more than two pages maximum. This vs my average site visitor staying over 4 minutes and visiting 6-10 pages at a time. Although my number of unique visitors (on my real estate photography site) hasn’t maxed out more than 300-400 per month, what they do on the site is awesome according to Google! I am thinking of offering a free webinar on google analytics in the next couple of months directed at Real Estate Photography market to help our fellow photographers understand what their sites are doing.

    I am not a wordpress fan personally, but my opinion is if it works for you then you should be using whatever you feel most comfortable with. Engagement and extending time on the site is what matters and what really matters is – does your site sell your services best. If you are creating a site for a real estate agent – the goal is does it bring potential buyers and potentials listers to the agents doorstep (or computer screen). If you are creating a property site – the goal is does it bring a buyer to the table or potential buyers to the agent. I still believe that it is pretty pictures that hold the attention, video that creates the interest and the google juice, and lots of clickable items to give pertinent information and get the viewer engaged on the site.

  • Dustin Dodge:
    I got from and its the ABSOLUT best real estate theme i have found so far, specially beacuse is SO easy and fast to post listings put pictures maps, im the one the real estate agent myself, photographer, writer, web admin, all. what you think about the pics of condo diana and condo charly, just took them and trying to get feed back of how i can improve. i though that buying photomatix was a lil bit too much if i get pretty much same recsult wuth the plugin lr enfuse which costed me oly like 4 bucks.

  • I did install Google Analytics on this site from day one. Not only to monitor traffic sources but to also be able to share activity reports with the home owner. I feel that every visit to this site is essentially a first showing these days and even if ‘in person’ showings are far fewer, I wanted to be able to track activity on a per property basis so as to share with the seller what online activity his home has seen so far. I have promoted this property via the typical social media and Craig’s list channels as well as a focused Google AdWords campaign. In regards to the mobile use, I knew going with full screen images was not going to scale for mobile devices. I do have an iPad and iPhone available for testing but figured most people would discover this site via a desktop, laptop or tablet vs. a smart phone. My analytics show that up until this post came out, iPhone traffic was very minimal.

  • Gama’s website is nice, but the photos have a lot of vertical issues.

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