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July 22nd, 2012

The guys over at told me about their service late last week and I’ve been trying it out this weekend. I have to say I’m impressed! Here’s how it works:

  1. You upload a shoot to PaymentTab and tell it who the shoot goes to… name, email etc.
  2. PaymentTab sends an email to that client with a download link.
  3. The client can use their credit card or PayPal account to pay for the shoot.
  4. Once the client has paid for the shoot they can download it.
  5. The client gets a invoice.
  6. An you get the amount the client paid immediately transfered to your PayPal account.
  7. All this for 99 cents if you pay for 10 transactions ($9.90 USD) at a time.

For a limited time is giving PFRE blog readers 10 free transactions so you can get a PaymentTab account and try out 10 free transactions to see how it works for you. To get the free transactions click on “Buy Credit” and then use the Promo Code “pfre10”.

PaymentTab is simple, straight forward and easy to use and works just like you expect. This is probably easier to use than using Square or PayPal to swipe client credit cards at the shoot because this covers the situation where the client isn’t at the shoot. To me this is a must have service for real estate photography!

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12 Responses to “ A Way To Get Paid When Your Client Downloads Photos”

  • Larry, I assume you still get charged the regular paypal fee for each transaction? And the $.99 is on top of that?

  • Not interested in anything that has to do with Paypal.

  • Having to deal with paypal just adds one more company to take a cut of your money. It’s to bad there was not another option for where the money goes when paid. I’m still going to keep this in mind for the rare situation I have to charge someone after the shoot, instead of using square on location.

  • I agree with Dustin, Square makes it SO easy to handle business right there on the spot, this is kind of a waste. Im sure its a great service, but involving paypal for business transactions is something I will not do after my past experiences with them.

    Also, I can show you an email inbox FULL of realtors who are the most technically inept people in the world. They cant even download a zip file with a direct link. I cant imagine adding in the factor of having to pay online to download. Before square, I had several agents, that EVERY time I shot with them, I had to sit down and show them how to use paypal to send the funds. They just didnt get it, and never will, something I dont have time for. Square solves ALL those issues along with cheaper fees than paypal’s virtual terminal (and no 90 day escrow on 1/3 of YOUR money)

  • as for the agent/client not being on location for the shoot, if there is enough trust you are shooting without them there, you are probably on a monthly invoice method with that client already and you trust them enough to pay you by doing that.

  • >>Also, I can show you an email inbox FULL of realtors who are the most technically inept people in the world.<<

    Amen to that.

  • @Jeff – Yes, you pay .99 to PaymentTab and a transaction fee to PayPal. For the $10 test transaction I ran through PaymentTab I paid .59 to PayPal.

    @Jason – Absolutely it’s easy to collect right on site but I have many people tell me that half of shoots the client is not there… this handles that situation nicely.

    @Dustin – Paying transaction costs for accepting credit cards is just a part of any business… bundle it into your shoot charge… accepting credit cards is just an expected convenience and you have to pay transaction fees to do so.

    @Mark – Yes, I’ve read the negative stuff around the net on PayPal too but I’ve run all my ebook sales through PayPal for going on 6 years and I have to say I’ve been very please with the results… no problems of any type… knock on wood.

    @Jason- On Downloads: Yea, Realtors have troubles with downloads but how are you going to deliver photos to them… burn a CD and hand deliver it to them? I doubt that makes any sense… you’re going to have to use online delivery in some form or another.

  • I like the idea of having the option available should I need it. You never know. I do just make sure my fees are covered in my charge. I’ve had PayPal for many years now and I’ve yet to have an issue with them although I know a few that have, but I think it must be expected that a small percentage could, nothing is perfect.

  • Thanks for the info… it’s definitely an option.

  • I doubt I’d ever use something like this. I don’t like the idea of withholding photos. If my client forgot their checkbook then I tell them to just pop it in the mail. I’ve never been stiffed and only a handful of times have I ever had to send reminder emails. Withholding photos just feels too aggressive and combative to me. I trust my clients. If I didn’t I wouldn’t work with them.

  • @larry – actually I do burn a cd and deliver to most of my RE clients because they cannot grasp downloading files. If I push the download route they always tie up hours of my time walking them through it, only to have to repeat it because they have no idea where the downloads went.

    I would be happy to forwArd you an email from my latest shoot with a new client who specifically requested they be able to download the files the next day. A week later she STILL claims she doesnt have the files because the link in the email doesnt work to download. I emailed her the web sized files and told her they were NOT for print, but to assure her I did actually do the work. She printed a flyer anyway and blamed me for the poor quality. Now I have delivered a CD to an unhappy client who wont be using me again when a CD the first time would have solved it…

  • I think this service is GREAT for other freelancers. and some RE photographers, but in mine (and most other RE photographers I know) experience, it isnt going to work well. Realtors just dont get it, and their assistants are equally as inept, because the smart ones quickly move up and away from the chaff in the herd..

    Most of my work is with designers and other high end clients instead of realtors. Maybe I am biased to working with smart people who handle business properly/professionally, but I cant believe how many high end realtors who only deal in luxury properties and have a VERY successful business got where they are. It simply amazes me. I have noever had this kind of trouble out of other clients, only realtors and not just a couple of them.

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