This Week In Real Estate Video #16

July 20th, 2012

This week I’m featuring just video shot by Realtors. Jason Jacques of Brevard, NC sent me his latest video that he shot with his new 5DMKIII and 14mm lens. Jason was apologizing for “just being a Realtor”. This made me realize how many Realtors that are shooting their own video and doing an awesome job. So I want to give special recognition to the Realtors out there that are  shooting their own video. There are about 30% of PFRE blog readers that are Realtors that shoot their own video/photos and from what I see many of them do every bit as good a job as many professional photographers/videographers.

Here is a list of some of the top Realtors that shoot their own real estate video that I know of. Be sure to leave a comment with a link to some of your video work if you’d like to be added to this list.

  1. Jason JacquesBrevard, NC
  2. Charlie DresenSteamboat Springs, CO
  3. Terry BurgerAtlanta, GA
  4. Tony MeierSeattle, WA
  5. Julie KinnearToronto, CA
  6. Christophe ChooBeverly Hills, CA
  7. John NilssonVail, CO
  8. John QuarlesBirmingham, AL

These Realtors are passionate enough about marketing homes that they have made the investment in equipment and take the time to learn and use video to market themselves and their listings with video.

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7 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #16”

  • Thanks for featuring my video this week Larry. I would value the critique of your readers. I can take it!…now if I can get this system streamlined and get them out more consistently it would be great! I am going to hire an editor and train someone to shoot so my entire team can benefit.

  • Some fantastic real estate photos on your blog! Can you recommend anyone in South Africa?

  • @Port Elizabeth- Yes, Contact

  • Jason
    Very nice. Particurally like how you handled the scenes.Very smooth as didn’t appear to use any handheld walkthrough. Rather appeared to used a slider, and on vertical movements, a jib evenly raising up. So many I have seen locally appear to be ripod mount only with verticals a simple pan up/down and rolling the walls – and it drives me crazy! Audio script very well coordinated with the scenes with goof transitions. Particurally like your transition from the upper and lower floor which was different from you others. Improvements? Perhaps when you are on camera. With a low camera shoooting up, it puts you in a power position, towering and looking down. It is very authoritative. Is that the message you wanted to give? Bringing the camera up, even 6 inches, would present you in a more inviting, one on one cordial. Just something to think of, but overall, great.

  • Thanks Larry, For now I am using the slider and jib unless the property is really inexpensive and even then sometimes for the sake of practice however I intend on having different packages/levels. I do have a nano fly cam that I havent used yet and maybe its for the bottom level…not sure yet. I think from a buyers perspective a walk through may be helpful so they get a feel for the floor plan but I havent really seen any walk through styles I like. That was the first time I tried the pan motor on the jib and Im thinking I dont really care for that. Also with the Mark3 I can overcrank which I didnt do on that one and I think that will make it a little more smooth. I agree about the camera level on the talking head part. A recent one I shot sitting down and the camera tilted down and that didnt work either.

  • That is a very useful video for the home, your verbiage, footage etc are pleasing without over top production value. It is clean and gets the job done.

    I have talked to Larry about some specific equipment for video but could you tell me the brands of the products you use?

    Good luck with the home sale!

    Much Aloha,


  • @Ethan, I assume your an agent and its tuff to spend the kind of money that a full production company would invest. I have invested a lot mainly because I am the broker and am moving toward offering this to my team so it makes a little more sense.

    The basics would be a good tripod for smooth pans and I use a Manfrotto with a 701 head and you must have a spreader if your going to use a slider with it. I would like a better one and consider this to be a minimum for around $350. Its really better to have a bigger true fluid head and if your an agent the 701 would be the minimum but if your a pro then go ahead and drop about a grand and get a true fluid head. You will also want to get an extra 701 to use with the slider and jib unless you want to take it apart which isn’t a great idea. The slider is an Igus but I just picked up a Konova and Im looking forward to using it. The best deal on a jib is Glideshot. I have a 6′ and wish I went with the 4′ for less than $150. I have used both and 4′ is plenty unless your in to huge houses with soaring ceilings and even then 4′ is good enough in my opinion. You cannot use the light tripod for the jib so I have a Smith-Victor for that and it works fine and can handle the weight however it really isn’t good for anything else because of the lack of quality. I think the Canon 60D with a 11-16 Tokina would be the minimum but the Mark3 and 17-40 and 14mm is absolutely amazing!

    For audio I use a Rode Video mic but am transitioning to a voice recorder and sync the adio. Dont forget the dead cat for the any and all mics. I am using Final Cut Pro for editing and I think this an overkill for an agent. I would invest in the largest iMac you can get and iMovie. I also have a mac book pro but the rendering time is brutal. I have used Sony Vegas on a laptop and it simply couldn’t handle it and when it didn’t crash it took way too long….usually crashes.

    Good Luck

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