Two Examples That Demonstrate Big Benefits from Professional Property Photography

July 17th, 2012

My friend Marc Lacoste, a property photography enthusiast in Nants, FR pointed out two articles  over at that illustrate how two  companies are reaping big benefits from property photography:

  • AirBnB, recently named one of the 50 most innovative companies, has redesigned it’s website to take advantage of the fact that it employees 3000 freelance professional property photographers in 192 counties. They have redesigned their website to feature stunning property photography. AirBnb offers it’s users free professional photography services from a growing network of paid freelancers. But what may have once seemed like a dot-com-era luxury to some has become a serious source of revenue for Airbnb, and further proof of the value of design. Travelers are two and a half times more likely to book listings that feature professional photography–a figure which Airbnb only expects to go up with its new design. Click here for the whole story.
  • Fantastic Frank “…a young, Stockholm-based real estate agency that has built a vibrant business model on sleek decor, impeccable photography, and a promiscuous social-media presence. The company hires photographers and stylists from high-gloss industries, including fashion, advertising, and architecture, to transform ho-hum apartments into temples of modern design that wouldn’t seem out of place in the pages of Elle Decor…. Fantastic Frank has thrived in Stockholm’s relatively robust housing market. But it stands to reason that, at a time of crisis for many other real estate markets around the world, the Swedish company’s model could be a promising way for agencies to distinguish themselves and, in turn, help homesellers reap greater profits (or at least lose less money). Indeed, Fantastic Frank plans to take its strategy global: “We are not stopping with Stockholm,” Backman says. “Next year we are looking at two new countries. We don’t know where yet. We need to find the right fantastic people first.” Click here for the whole story.

Neither of these stories are surprising but I think they are interesting examples how these two companies are leveraging great photography and design to rent and sell property.


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11 Responses to “Two Examples That Demonstrate Big Benefits from Professional Property Photography”

  • Air BnB contacted me but only offer $AU60 per shoot for 10-25 photos.

  • I *LOVE* Fantastic Frank. Absolutely brilliant. They’ve realized that they’re not in the business of selling real estate. They understand that they’re in the marketing and advertising business. Meanwhile, the rest of the real estate world seems to be mired in the mid-1980s when it comes to innovative thinking…..

  • Agree with Scott. Fantastic Frank rocks. Most of real estate, well, just about taps one foot. Slowly.

  • But there’s a problem with AirBnB they don’t pay enough to think about leaving you house to shoot at $40 -$50 I think not. Fantastic Frank well he’s Fantastic.

  • @Lou & Jon- Yes, I agree, I have refused to help AirBnB to find photographers because of what they pay photographers. I feel the pricing is a bit predatory!

  • Just in case Smartphone users out there are interested, Airbnb is also available on Android. Makes sense really, you’re probably going to be mobile when you feel the need for this type of service anyway.

  • I think Fantastik Frank has a great concept. I don’t think it is about sales versus marketing. I think that both are important; however, traditionally, marketing of individual homes has tended to receive short shrift. I think even some homebuilders can learn something from Fantastik Frank’s approach.

  • Inspired again. Fantastic Frank displays another way to engage, elicit emotion, or provoke interest is real estate.

  • Unexpected result of this posting was for me to discover Air BnB so I booked a trip to Costo Rica. I don’t see doing work for them though if that is all they pay.

  • This is indeed a lot of help to those properties that clients would like to see. A good photography can be a step ahead from other properties. Through this you will be sure that the image and angle of the property has been captured perfectly. I am a frustrated photographer though and I admire those person who have that talent to capture things at its most beautiful angle.

  • Airbnb does not pay that is true. However I thought I would take them up on an offer to at least build my portfolio. Definitely rethinking it now…takes them forever to pay you…and if they can they try to chimp a little money off..forgetting a dollar here and there…with 3000+ photographers thats probably a little extra money in their pockets. They have their own idea of what real estate/architectural photography is. Never heard of getting down on your knees to take a room shot…but they made a whole video on this method.

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