Here Are The Entries For July PFRE Photographer of The Month

July 15th, 2012

The July PFRE Photographer of the month is now closed for more entrants and the jury will soon start their voting. We have a  stunning collection entries this month!  Many more this month than last. To check them out click here or on the photo to the right.

We will have a winner picked by July 22. I’ll then then post the points for each photo, juror comments and names of the entrants in the description field of each photo so the will be available for viewing from July 23 through July 31.

The voting process works as follows:

  1. Each juror has 10 points to cast in the voting.
  2. Some jurors prefer to cast all points on one entry while others prefer to vote for more than one entry. Jurors can use their 10 points to vote for up to 3 entrants splitting their points (votes) up any way they like.
  3. If there is a tie I will cast 10 points to break the tie.
  4. Jurors can anonymously make comments on one or more of the entries for educational purposes or to just say why they liked or didn’t like a photo.

Feel free to join the PFRE Photography of the Month group and make comments on or flag their favorites.

Note that even though the flickr slide show in this post is Flash, mobile readers that don’t have Flash can click on the photos on the left side-bar under the title “Monthly Contest Entries” this will bring up a non-Flash slide show.

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