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July 11th, 2012 is a site that interviews people in various jobs to help people looking for jobs understand what different jobs are all about. Recently Jobshadow interviewed Rita Alfonso a up and coming San Francisco area real estate photographer (and long time PFRE flickr group contributor). I like both JobShadow’s series of interview questions and Rita’s methodical and matter of fact approach at answering all the questions. I think Rita’s description of all the various aspects of being a real estate photographer is a very valuable resource for people starting out in this field.

The following question is I think key:

What is most challenging about what you do? Going back and forth between the different roles that I play as a photographer, business person, and artist is most challenging. Having to move from a shoot or editing to performing marketing tasks in one day is difficult for me. That is why I have tried to separate these kinds of tasks by days, so there are now certain days which I devote to practical, business related tasks, and days that I devote to photography alone. This makes me more efficient and I also feel more satisfied with both.

Rita is right-on. Many people tell me the have trouble switching between the artistic, creative part of this job and the business/marketing part. This has got to be one of the biggest challenges!

Great job Rita! Thanks for the candid, straight forward description insights into what real estate photography entails.

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4 Responses to “ Interviews Real Estate Photographer Rita Alfonso”

  • Thanks for sharing! That’s a very interesting insight. At TourBuzz we are actually looking at that problem very seriously right now. Many of our large customers constantly grapple with trying to figure out how to scale their businesses and operate efficiently, which is about as far away from photographic artistry as you can get. We are hoping to help RE Photographers streamline their production and business workflows on our platform so that they can spend more time behind the camera where their main value-creation potential lies.

  • What a great interview: thanks to Rita for sharing so much and for being so clear especially on the financial aspects of the business: a lot of really helpful information about pricing and the need to hold out for realistic remuneration at a time when the large companies with “run and gunners” and outsourced processing seem to be gaining more market share. Reminds me that RE photography can and should be a profession and a calling to be proud of, not just a job/ means to an end.

  • Yes, photography is my passion and I love to shoot and be creative. I am always looking for that unique angle, that special shot, that “ah-ha” moment. But we cannot forget we are in a business. That requires sales, marketing, invoicing, etc. I don’t find it a problem to shift between them all, sometimes on the same day. Maybe it’s my background in Journalism and marketing and sales, I don’t know. I think you just need to be able to spend a certain amount of time on one aspect then shut it down and go on to the next aspect, then shut it down and so on. Spending you time on each aspect each day or week – whatever works for you.


  • Michael, Simon, and Alan, thanks all for sharing your reflections above, and to Larry for sharing my interview with his readers. As you all know, running a business is a lot of hard, fun work, but it can often feel like you are out there plugging away on your own. This PFRE community has been such an invaluable resource! Thank You!

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