This Week In Real Estate Video #13

June 29th, 2012

Here are some interesting real estate videos for this week. As a reminder for those that may be new comers, what I do in this regular weekend feature is spend some time browsing through the various sources I have for real estate video and highlight what new and interesting things are going on with real estate video. If anyone wants to send me some examples of what you thing is important I include that too.

The featured video this week is a video demo reel of work done by in Sydney. It attracted my attention because of the fast paced, punchy audio track. I find myself wanting to watch this over and over just because of the audio track and the tightly edited fast moving video.

A common theme this week is comedy. 4 and 5 show that you can use comedy in real estate marketing and 6 shows that real estate marketing is frequently funny!

  1. Real Estate Video Show
  2. 1118 Longview Circle, Steamboat Springs Real Estate for saleCharlie Dresen
  3. Charleston Real Estate Video: 378 Race
  4. REMAX New Guy in Real Estate by
  5. Funny Real Estate Video Kid messes with Mom’s Vlog by Lillian Walker
  6. Ellen Found the Funniest Real Estate Listings by TheEllenShow
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2 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #13”

  • #5 is classic for DIY. Straight from camera to upload. Did she even look at …even after the upload as was just posted on the 26th and she hasn’t taken it down replacing with an ‘edited’ reshoot. Granted the off the wall acting up kid may get hits and potentially go viral, but hits would be hollow not transforming into clients.

  • #4 is great! It’s not a likely real office situation, but still very funny.

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