Iconify: An Elegant Way To Present Your Portfolio That Looks Great On All Devices

June 26th, 2012

Presenting your work in a professional, elegant way is an important component of marketing your services and increasingly looking good on mobile devices is essential. is a new approach to solving these problems without having to understand anything about web design. Here is an example of an iconify portfolio site. One of the great features is on mobile devices viewers can click a button and create a bookmark for your site that works just like an App on the desktop. Very cool feature!

Here is a description by iconify developers on how they approached rethinking portfolios:

As Creative Professionals, we are obsessed with our body of work but have never been in love with the portfolios that display it. After completely deconstructing the portfolio experience we have arrived at six key elements that today’s portfolios must contain. Our portfolios should be responsive, able to handle any screen resolution or device that it encounters, and that includes being downloadable as an app on mobile devices. It should also be minimal, focusing the viewer’s attention exclusively on the work being presented. Since portfolios are also marketing tools they should make it easy to connect with future clients by providing obvious contact information, the ability to share the portfolio easily, and the analytics to understand the traffic it receives. Iconify is the modern portfolio Reimagined. will launch some time in July and the Pro membership will cost $5/month. As a minimalist at heart, I have to say, I love this approach to portfolio presentation. Everything you need and nothing you don’t!

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7 Responses to “Iconify: An Elegant Way To Present Your Portfolio That Looks Great On All Devices”

  • It looks interesting but they only seem to show ‘i’ devices and Macs. Now, I use Macs & idevices exclusively (except for my wife’s netbook) BUT I would want complete support for Windows and other OSes as well. Hopefully, they are only carried away by their own greatness at the moment and will ensure that their website displays ‘properly’ under Internet Explorer.

  • @Michael- You raise a good point! I just briefly looked at the demo site on my wife’s Windows 7 machine with IE8 and the elegant little menu in the upper left corner is displayed at the bottom of the page rather than the top… They still have some browser compatibility work to do.

  • Why not just host your photo portfolio on Zenfolio and enjoy automatic mobile site creation as well as all the other awesome bells and whistles it comes with? $99 for a year.

  • @larry – It’s also possible that if they are using ‘Apple’ for everything, Windows compatibility hasn’t really occurred to them. It should, but we all know that some ‘Apple friendly’ people tend to disregard the rest of the world. Some days, I’d like to disregard the rest of the world myself but in reality that isn’t going to happen and any portfolio I create has to look good in multiple browsers, under multiple OSs and on multiple devices.

    @Ian Pitts – I didn’t know Zenfolio allows mobile site creation. I’ll have to have a look, thanks for that.

  • I had similar problem with IE9 on my desktop. Not only was the menu at the bottom, but the links were dead. Switched to Firefox anf was OK. Likewise OK on the iPad.

  • I understand IE9 can be a bit ‘different’ to write for but anyone writing web code must still include it as the majority of systems out there use it.
    (Glad I don’t write web code!!)

  • @Michael – Yes, IE9 is different as I am discovering as I create my new website in Dreamweaver. is my friend, particurally as I lookd at HTML5 JQuery gallery!

    Unfortunately, our local MLS historically has been IE ONLY – others need not apply. If I forgot I was using Firefox or Chrome, would get error message when attempting to log on. Classic example of the MLS losing vision of who their customer base was and responding to the edicts of the web developer who impose their vision – and simplicity when limiting to one browser. Thanks to the surge of Realtors using Macs and the dismal Windows emulation performance with significant lag, in the last 6 months the launched a parallel program for Macs (and as of last week, iPads and smart phones). A friend who went to the training and uses both systems based on which computer she is at (personal vs office) boasts about the performance and interface. Rumor has it that the old system will be replace…YEAH!

    IE9 with it’s quirkiness may do itself in if it were not for the stranglehold. Between my desktop and laptop running the same operating system, sometimes IE9 performs differently, not oprning pages on one, where it will on the other. It actually happened with the link above as I tested it on the laptop.

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