Congratulations Matt Waclo June PFRE Photographer of The Month

June 24th, 2012

The PFRE jury has chosen Matt Waclo of Reno, NV as the June PFRE Photographer of the month.

The voting results are as follows:

  1. Matt Waclo – 37
  2. Charles Lunch – 12
  3. Michael Asgian – 12
  4. Roberto Dangond – 11
  5. Barry MacKenzie -10
  6. Kai Caemmerer – 10
  7. Ethan Tweedie – 8
  8. Thom Neese – 4
  9. Robert Frye -3
  10. Alex Olguin -3
  11. Tim Shaw – 1

Here is Matt’s comments on the creation of his winning photo:

This house is located in Martis Camp, a local golf course community with a heavy emphasis on innovative architecture. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to photograph several homes there, each of which providing a unique challenge and the chance to get creative with my approach.

On this home it would have been ideal to shoot at dusk, but the way things went I had to go in at nearly mid-day. Once I had it framed the way I wanted, I dialed in my AB800 for a good exposure of interior and exterior light and walked around highlighting as much as I could. I tried to keep in mind shadows falling in the same direction, if you look closely you can see a few conflicting shadows. I was mainly focused on getting the right angle with my light across the wood to get nice rich tones. Post was a lot of layering and masking in CS6. The outside exposure still strikes me as just a bit cool, but I’m very happy with how the wood and stone turned out considering how much of a battle it was with the strong California sun!

I’ve deleted all the entries that did not get any votes and posted the names and number of votes received and the jury comments in the description field of all the photos. The photos will be on display in the PFRE Photographer of The Month flickr group through the end of the month. Thanks for everyones participation!

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9 Responses to “Congratulations Matt Waclo June PFRE Photographer of The Month”

  • congrats Matt and well deserved! So glad to see you getting some recognition for the passion you have for real estate photography

  • Well done Matt. That’s a great shot of a very difficult space.

  • Bravo!!

  • Beautiful photo – congratulations!

  • Nice Job, Matt. Beautiful photo.

  • Awesome shot Matt! Congrats! I’m sure you had a blast shooting that one! I’ll be in Reno soon…

  • Great work Matt! I have always been impressed in how well you handle the lighting of these homes. You really make those AB800 work for you.

  • Well done Matt. Congrats!

  • Matt,

    Very well balanced light with a dramatic view!


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