This Week in Real Estate Video # 12

June 22nd, 2012

Wow, what a great bunch of videos this week! This week my favorite real estate video is this one, by Sabrina Huang a San Francisco Bay Area-based Food and Architectural Photographer. I literally just saw Sabrina’s video a few minutes ago while I was writing this post. I was talking to her about her new web site and saw her video.

I met Sabrina back in 2008 at the PFRE workshop that Ron Kenny, Scott Hargis, Thomas Grubba and I did in Seattle. Sabrina is very talented and creative and I was interested to see that she is now expanding into property video.

Here are some interesting videos I ran across this week:

  1. 11885 Francemont Dr, Los Alto Hills– By Sabrina Huang I think Sabrina did a wonderful job with this. You can see her interests as a food photographer.
  2. Seascape By David Holloway David recently took a masters class in video down in Key West and did this video for the class project. What a kick, I didn’t realize that Key West had seceded from the US.
  3. 33050 Ponderosa Trail St – By Charlie Dresen I like Charlie’s quiet under stated style. The music matches the smooth cinematic style.
  4. Bend Real Estate: Central Oregon Sunriver Estate – By Bend Premier Real Estate I like many aspects of the moves in this video but the barrel distortion of the lens being used is distracting to me.
  5. 1010 Albertson Crescent, Mississauga, CAChristian Jack I like Christian’s smooth quiet walk-through style. The bright white transitions are different and give the video a bright feed.
  6. Janice and Marshall beautify Lake Shore Park with their gardensJoe Zekas Joe and his crew at have created an interesting neighborhood oriented site that combines property video with great neighborhood interest video reporting.
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2 Responses to “This Week in Real Estate Video # 12”

  • I love Charlie’s video. Charlie, what is this music? I need to go get it for a couple of my tours. I think too many times we try to say too much about a home instead of letting the viewer consume it in their own thoughts and ideas. I absolutely love the simplicity of this video. The house tells the story, as it should be.

  • I was thinking as I was watching The Bend Real Estate & 1010 Albertson that those videos are way too long without any dialogue. Christian’s glidecam work is really good.

    I really enjoyed Holloway’s Key West Video.

    Larry I really love that you are doing this every week. One can really pick up great ideas.
    thank you,

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