My Favorite New Feature in Photoshop CS6

June 17th, 2012

For about 10 seconds after the Beta trial period ran out on my Photoshop Beta CS6 version I thought about not upgrading my Photoshop from CS5 to CS6. But I couldn’t resist! I’m totally hooked on Photoshop and I doubt I can, NOT upgrade. It’s not like I NEED all this cool stuff, but I just can’t live without it!

One of my favorite features in PS6 is the adaptive wide angle filter. This is great for working on architectural photos and panoramas. As usual Russell Brown gives a great description of this new feature.

I’m going to give up my resistance to Adobe applications and get a t-shirt that has the logos for all my favorite applications. Resistance is futile.

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9 Responses to “My Favorite New Feature in Photoshop CS6”

  • No Lightroom on the t-shirt!

  • I agree Larry, the upgrade to CS6 was a must have for me. The video editing ability made it a slam dunk decision after editing six videos for a client shot on my 5D2. It was one of my best video editing experiences ever. Thank you Adobe!
    Best Regards,

  • This will cause me to revisit my PTlens software. Great video. Appears to have more/better control than PTlens.

  • Great tool! I had overlooked it, so thanks for pointing it out.

  • Ya I did the same thing. I tried the CS6 trial and then the Elements trial and haven’t looked back!

  • That was a cool tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Sonny, my experience has been the opposite. I still prefer using PT Lens. I am shooting with a 5D MkII and my primary architectural lens is the Tokina 16-28 f2.8. I believe I get a better correction from PT Lens than through the lens correction filter in either Camera RAW or CS6. BTW: After shooting with the Canon 16-35, the Tokina lens has given better results and I can not recommend a better wide angle zoom. The lens has great contrast, very little CA and is sharper, especially in the corners than the Canon.
    Best Regards,

  • Great video, thanks for sharing ! I may just have to update from CS4 !!!

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