This Week In Real Estate Video #10

June 8th, 2012

This week I’m featuring a smooth, pleasant series of videos of Southern California Vacation Rentals by Scott Brasile of San Diego, CA hosted on iPlayerHD. This demonstrates how the playlist feature of iPlayerHD can present a series of related videos in a very clean, elegant way.

The last two videos (5 & 6) are time-lapse related. While you may not immediately associate time-lapse with real estate video it can add a very compelling effect in real estate video. Anders Carlson’s video from two weeks ago demonstrates the dramatic effect it can have.

The TimeScapes trailer (#5) is teaser for the 48 minute collection of Tom Lowe’s time-lapse sequences that was just released within the last few weeks. I purchased a copy and it’s fantastic on a large screen!

Here is my list of videos for this week:

  1. Southern California Vacation Rentals – by Scott Brasile of San Diego, CA
  2. Gable Craft Homes – 700 Lancaster Way, Comox, BC – By Artezphoto Alberto and Mia Dominguez and family, located in Nanaimo, BC
  3. Lake Butler sound estate – By UneekLuxuryTours – Some great work by Michael Pelzer in Orlando, FL
  4. 102 Colberts Trace Yorktown, VA by
  5. Timescapes Movie trailer – By Tom Lowe
  6. Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly with Electra Drive Motor – This shows how to get that compelling camera movement during a time-lapse shot.


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2 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #10”

  • I’m impressed by Scott’s Heritage Place video, as well as many of his others. I’ve all but written off using steadicams in favour of dollies/sliders because most real estate videos I’ve seen that use steadicams have long sequences of someone walking quickly through the house trying to show in all the rooms in one take, and it’s overwhelming. He’s used shorter montages and it’s more pleasing to the eye. Any idea whether the sideways shots are taken with a steadicam or with a slider? It looks like the steadicam because there’s a tiny bit of jitter visible when looking along the top or bottom of the video. Does anyone have an opinion as to using sliders vs. steadicams in real estate videos?

  • Hi Dave. I use a Dollyslide brand slider. Honestly I’m not very enthused about the product because as you noticed in the video, it isn’t rock solid and the head jitters a bit.

    I’ve always thought that when used sparingly a steadicam can give you a real feel for the layout of a property, glad you like it.

    Thanks for the kind words and featuring the videos on PFRE Larry! I’ve already booked a job from someone who saw the article. Thank you!

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