This Week In Real Estate Video #8

May 25th, 2012

This week I’ve got a great bunch of real estate video this week for your  entertainment. The featured video this week is Kukio Lot 95 at Kukio beach on the Big Island of Hawaii by Anders Carlson. Anders just won the PFRE Photographer of The Month for May and I believe this video is in the same development where his winning image was shot. I stumbled across this video while looking through Anders’ site. Here’s another of Ander’s videos (a fantastic underwater video) that you shouldn’t miss, although it is not real estate video.

Here is the full list of videos for this week:

  1. Kukio Beach Lot 95 by Anders Carlson – This video is now in my handful of favorite real estate videos of all time. To me it is a fantastic sales pitch for this property. Great images and great music.
  2. Magic Morning!  by Anders Carlson – Fantastic under water video!
  3. 1521 Alex Drive, Price George, BC by Daniel Abraham. Daniel and team put this together to sell some property that is still “in the grasp of winter”, as in still covered with snow.
  4. Endeavour’s lottery draw at Banksia Beach by Allan MacKenzie – A promo for a Lottery to win a home in Queensland, AU.
  5. Have FUN! Welcome AREC Attendees to the Gold Coast City – by – Welcome video for agents attending AREC on the Australian Gold Coast.
  6. Ray’s Angels Real Estate Film for Georgetown Real Estate – by Virtual GTA A tongue in cheek video take-off on Charlie’s angels.


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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #8”

  • Ray’s Angels . . . hmm. Well, I can say I watched the entire video and that in itself is an achievement.

  • “Rays Angles” shows us that there is creativity and then there is stupidiy. Showing a bunch of half naked girls to sell property is just lame unless you can do it right, like platnium usually does, the production quality and acting in this video is cheap and almost like porn quality. This video company needs to gets some tips from Brett and his team if they are going to be doing these types of videos, while some people dont like Bretts videos, they are produced perfectly and not only get your attention, but keep it…for the right reasons.

    2 min + , thats how long we have to watch this before anything that is related to the house even remotely appears! If anyone is left still watching beyond that point they are doing so to see this train wreck ends….lol

    Agents really needs to be careful, I live in Barrie, just outside of Toronto and have heard of this particular agent, and I now just think of him as a complete joke for thinking this a good idea. I will probably forward this video on to 10 of my friends/co workers, who will in turn do the same to 10 of theirs and most likely will all have the same opinion of the video and now the agent.

    Sometimes a poor video can hurt not only the company that shot it, but more importantly the agent. I wouldnt let this agent anywhere close to any house I was selling!

  • @ David
    Thanks for your input… it was a fun project to say the least. I will agree it is a bit long but we have had nothing but positive feedback from both agents and clients in the area. We also put together a film where the clients speaks to the home and the Selling agent…
    We are definitely new to this style of video and are looking forward to making many more.

    As for the Ray’s Angels Film, the property is 45+ acres. The film showcases both the vast green space as well as the home. Again thanks for the input.

  • Kukio Beach – I wish my dreams were as good as that vid.

    I’m not a fan of the Ray’s Angles vid either. Much tighter editing would improve it quite a bit. I admire agents who take on ambitious concepts like this – I don’t have the guts for it.

    @Ryan – the video referenced in your comment is really outstanding. This can be a great format when implemented well.

  • I have to agree with David. This is a decent video (compared to most RE videos), and would be okay if you’re selling spas and hot tubs. But for Real Estate, it’s a terrible idea, particularly to put on the front page of your site. My fellow RE pros have really belittled their professionalism with such ads.

    I think agents are getting caught up in the “fun” of things like this without realizing that people want a serious agent for something that is serious cash to the seller. Is it creative? No, not really. In fact, it borders on just bad. Put together well? Sure! But, people have short attention spans, and the long video doesn’t work. In fact, I was wondering from the start if this was even going to be safe to play in a family/work setting.

    Don’t get me wrong…I love fun, and having fun at work. But, it isn’t for real estate. And it isn’t for real estate professionals. Just another attempt to be “different” when you’re pretty much the same.

  • By the way, the Kukio Beach video is Amazing!! Definitely sells the dream!

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