This Week In Real Estate Video #8

May 18th, 2012

This week I have a variety of videos to show you. The overall theme is an idea that Mike Miriello mentioned when he sent me his video he did recently. That is as photographers and real estate agents video is creeping into our lives whether we like it or not. Even if you think of yourself as a still photographer and are not really passionate about video it’s getting pretty hard to ignore. Every camera or cell phone you buy can shoot HD video and your clients are thinking about it even if they aren’t using it yet because they see others using video.

Here are some video’s I ran across this week that caught my interest:

  1. Park and Market, Raleigh, NC – By Mike Miriello. Some nice slider shots and a pleasant audio track. Notice that Mike is using Vimeo which is a nice alternative to YouTube. Vimeo is aesthetically more elegant than YouTube and works nicely if you are going to integrate your video into a page like Mike did.
  2. Real Estate Video: How To Use Video In Real Estate – By Stephen Garner of Grand Canyon Title Agency. Notice that  Stephen is working for Grand Canyon Title, teaching agents how to use video in their marketing. For those of you not familiar with Title companies, they do all sorts of free things for agents so agents will give them their Title Insurance business. I found Stephen’s pitch pretty good for why agents should use video and good info on how to do it. He has some other videos in his channel that give agents specifics about how to shoot video.
  3. 90 George Street Condominiums – By Virtual Tours Ottawa. While this is not my favorite style of real estate video it is an example that is one of the Animoto style videos. I don’t know that this is done with Animoto but Animoto takes stills and applies various styles of animation and sound tracks to the stills. This is a popular style I know. If  you are going use stills to create a video I’d rather see this style than simple Ken Burns panning to music.
  4. Buying Real Estate in a small town – From Charlie Dresen’s video blog. This is a short (1:24) video from the PFRE Video For Real Estate flickr group that is a great example of how much you can get across in under 90 seconds of video. Great little video Charlie!
  5. Pebbles-Mudjimba – By Jon May, Mt. Coolum Sunshine Coast, Australia. Another little video from the PFRE Video For Real Estate flickr group that Jon shot for a holiday rental that promotes doggy friendly holidays.
  6. Videomaker’s Tutorials – By which is a magazine and community for those interested in video production.
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12 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #8”

  • Vimeo’s terms of service doesn’t allow for real estate video. You may get a few videos uploaded, but you can be sure that it will get taken down when you do volume. Not something your clients will think to highly of.

    But I agree, vimeo has a nicer look than most video sharing sites.

  • @Steve- I’ve had a Vimeo Basic account closed for doing real estate video but others that have Vimeo Pro accounts have never been bothered for uploading real estate video. Allan MacKenzie in Brisbane has been using video for real estate video for years (I think he has a Pro account).

  • The PRO account does allow for commercial usage. Their free version does not. I had over 300 videos removed several years ago, THEN I was notified by Vimeo after the fact. I don’t trust them and would never use them based on how they death with that issue – including using their PRO service. They burned a LOT of people playing those games. I don’t trust them.

  • +1 for Fred. All it would have taken was a warning email but they chose to just delete my account and all of my videos, commercial *and* personal. I don’t trust Vimeo and won’t risk client jobs with them.

    That said, Charlie’s video is great! Really outside the box and totally creative. I want to see more of thee types of videos!

  • I think you’re wrong about the “90 George Street” video having been produced from stills. The perspective changes within most, if not all, of the shots. That couldn’t happen unless it were made from thousands of stills. Looks more like a lot of slider shots to me.

  • Realtors can talk forever about their local market. Sometimes the story changes but often we say the same thing over and over again. I love talking real estate because I love my job. But the reason behind this video was to relay an important message in a short period of time and make it fun. I see more of these videos in the future. Thanks all.

  • Charlie – very creative and well executed — nice job.

    I use Vimeo Pro for hosting my MLS (non branded) vids. It’s a very good and very cost-effective hosting platform. Their terms of service for the free hosting is pretty clear – no commercial.

  • @larry. Seems we all have had a similiar experience with vimeo. I think I’m with Fred on this one. For the 200 a year pro account, my storage (50 gigs) would be done in less than 2 months…assuming I am uploading 1080p.

    Analytics are fab at YT. And the search SEO benefits from google are huge.

    Vimeo is for the filmaker. Not sure it is for the RE video producer doing 20-30 videos a month. I wish it were.

    How are the analytics on vimeo pro? Can u make sense of the data? YT you need a min of 300 views (sometimes less) before it shows the audience retention. This alone is something that is almost impossible to duplicate outside of these video sites. I assume vimeo shows the same sort of info.

  • @greg Peterson, you are correct. 90 George St is video and was created in Adobe After Effect….lots of sliders and a couple stabilizer shots….something a little different I wanted to try.

  • Steve – Stats on vimeo pro are basic: number loads by week and source of views (facebook, website, etc). One of their best metrics is ‘loads’ vs ‘plays’ which tells you how many visitor stick around to the end. Overall navigation is cludgy – takes lots of clicks to see basic stuff. Agree that YT stats are fantastic – especially ‘audience retention’. As the production value of my vids have increased, I see much better retention compared to my earlier ones.

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but my RE material is going on Smugmug. I haven’t gotten started yet, but been doing a ton of research. Our camera club pres recommended Smugmug and after checking it out, I’m impressed. Here is the link to the video service:

    Anywho, what should a photographer charge for video? I can’t see offering video as a free service like many do for a virtual tour.

  • A very creative video. I’m certainly impressed! 🙂

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