This Week In Real Estate Video #7

May 11th, 2012

Up until this week I’ve been featuring only real estate video from YouTube. While there are some huge potential exposure benefits from using YouTube there are also some obvious aesthetic downsides to YouTube like the clutter of related video and advertising. You can control some of the clutter but not all of it. Agents and videographers that are serious about presenting video in a clean, elegant, controlled  way will also want to use something other than YouTube. So this week I’d like to feature some examples of  how people  are using to present real estate video and integrate video into sites and tours without using YouTube:

  1. 19 Albatross Walk– By Steve Lindqvist, Adelaide, South Australia.
  2. 9335 Springfield Candace Kuzmarski, Evanston, Ill. This is a great example of integrating video into a tour along with floor plans, stills and all the other features clients expect in a tour.
  3. Marbella, Nagueles, Holiday rental – Charles Mackenzie-Hill, Marbella, Spain
  4. Malia Campbell (new work page) – Malia Campbell Photography, Seattle, WA. Malia uses iPlayerHD to create a play list of recent work.
  5. – Charlie Dresen, Steamboat, CO. Charlie’s site is an example of how clean and elegantly iPlayerHD can be integrated into your website.
  6. Abby Lofts Toronto –  Ryan -Toronto, Canada. This is Ryan’s first attempt a real estate video. Looks like a great start to me.

It’s worth mentioning that iPlayerHD hosted video solves all the technical issues of playing smoothly on all devices.

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8 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #7”

  • I think the best of the above from a presentation point of new was #2. I really liked the skin the tour was wrapped in.

  • @ suzanne
    I agree… Love the package and presentation. Exactly what I’ve been looking for for quite some time. Simple layout with all the key information and easy to navigate? I wonder are they a provider/reseller or are the a company all to themselves?

  • @Ryan – I’ve actually been admiring Candace’s tour format for some time and have talked to her about it about a year ago… as I recall she and her son designed and built the tour format themselves… I told her she should sell it. I’ll contact her as ask her to comment on it.

  • Thank you Suzanne, Ryan and Larry for the compliment! My son and I developed this brochure and I use it exclusively on all my own listings. He is graduating this summer at which point he will have time to bring the brochure out of our two year old version to the next level. We hope to market it to others soon. Follow us on!/BrochureBeast for updates.

  • Thank you Larry for including my video in your weekly list.

    Much appreciated

  • I’m not sold on iplayerHD given that its not easily (if at all?) able to be shared (or more importantly) embedded across social media i.e. Facebook. One of the biggest advantages of using video to promote and sell real estate is the ability to share! I check out the first couple of videos listed above and straight away I noticed that I could not share them with anyone in my networks. Have I missed something?

  • I believe iPlayer has these capabilities but they have to be turned on by the account owner, meaning, if I want my video share-able on social networking sites I have to turn on that option when I upload the video.

  • Any thoughts on how we are producing FREE video for our agents at Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper REALTORS??

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