The Top Lightroom 4 Book is Now Shipping

May 8th, 2012

I just ordered a hard copy  and a Kindle copy of Scott Kelby’s Lightroom 4 book for digital photographers. The hard copy is in stock and shipping at Amazon. I’m in the habit of getting an updated edition of this book every time a new version of Lightroom comes out. It makes a great reference book and I love Scott’s writing style. I think I’m not alone in this feeling because this has been the number 1# selling book on Lightroom ever since Lightroom came out.

This is the first time that I’ve gotten both the hard copy and the Kindle version. I use the Kindle App on my iPad (when I can manage to get my iPad away from my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter). I purchased both digital and paper media this time because I have this idea in my head that I’m going to get paper media out of my life but after using Kindle books for a while I start to have beautiful book withdrawal. I’ve managed to do it about 80%. I don’t do newspapers and most books I either read on the iPad or listen to the audio version but there are a few books that I have a hard time giving up. Using a well laid out and designed book like this one is special. I appreciate and pay more attention to the design these days since I started laying out my own books.

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8 Responses to “The Top Lightroom 4 Book is Now Shipping”

  • Reference books like this, especially visual guides, are a must in paper. It’s just not feasible to ebook and quickly flip back and forth when needed.

  • I too am a big fan of Scott’s work on photoshop in particular and am sure he will bring his down to earth and refreshingly clear personal style to the Lightroom 4 book. BUT (and this is NO reflection on Scott’s work at all) …. my experience of Lightroom 4 so far has not been good. In fact I have shelved my new purchase as it ran just way too s – l – o – w . I have 8GB of RAM in a Macbook Pro and run Lightroom 3 no problems, but LR 4 is unusable with my system. If you get on to the adobe forums there are huge numbers of photographers complaining about the delay it takes between applying adjustments in develop module and the updating of the preview image: so bad it is unworkable. Adobe seem unable to reply to the many requests for an explanation as to why LR4 should be running so slow/ eating up so much RAM, though they have now released two new trial updates. My feeling is that Adobe released a BETA product as a full release due to market pressure and there are some serious problems with it : I am a total Lightroom devotee, and I am sure Adobe will sort things out at some point. I’ll buy Scott’s book when my version of lightroom doesn’t take ten seconds for the adjustment brush to apply an effect. Anyone else out there willing to share their experiences with LR4 : I’d LOVE to be proved wrong and be told there was simple fix…. but for now it needs a lot more R&D before I’ll be using it commercially.

  • Here’s what other Lightroom 4 users are saying on Adobe’s own forum: seems like speed of operation, or lack of it, is a major issue:

  • I have tried everything to get LR4 to slow down, but it works as fast as LR3 for me.
    Im running Mac Pro 3.1 with 20gb ram. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  • Thanks very much Nicholas : the most I can get in the macbook pro is 8GB which is clearly insufficient: seems that LR4 needs a massive amount of memory to run it: I am not sure it is using RAM as efficiently as LR version 3: if I want to continue shooting direct to the laptop on location then I hope Apple finds a way of getting 20 GB into it!

  • I’m not having any speed issues with LR 4. I’m running a PC with 8gb of RAM and it moves just as well as LR 3.

  • Thanks for the info… I just went to Amazon and bought a copy. For me, LR4 seems to run the same speed as LR3… but I have 16GB of RAM on a 3.4GHz quad core i7 iMac… so I’m sure that helps a great deal.

  • @Simon- I had a similar experience with Lightroom 3, it ran fine on my MacBook Pro with 4Gig of RAM but in Feb of 2010 when Aperture 3 came out it ran like a slug on my MacBook Pro so decided I was tired of stuff running slow and up graded. I got a i7 iMac with 16Gig of RAM and a SSD drive similar to Patrick it sounds like. I’ve never been happer. I still have a MacBook Pro (4Gig) and LR 4 works on it but not as fast and as smooth as one would like. Fact is in the scheme of things HW isn’t that expensive.

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