This Listing Agent in Ames, Iowa Needs Help!

May 7th, 2012

Thanks to Kerry Bern of Gladbrook, IA for pointing out this listing in Ames, IA.

I have a theory that a good way to find real estate agents that need a professional photographer is to just look through active listings in any given area starting at the high end and see who is doing what for marketing. Usually the targets of opportunity will jump right out.

This  $1.9M listing stands out a little more than most. This listing agent needs help big time! Call up this agent Kerry and offer your services!

As I told Kerry, this listing takes the concept of a drive by shooting to a whole new level. Even, if the photo was right side up, it’s unclear where the property is that’s for sale.

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16 Responses to “This Listing Agent in Ames, Iowa Needs Help!”

  • Should have posted a screen capture from Google Street View would have been better. Damn I may have just given away a new tool for this style of realtor.

  • Do owners not look at there property listings photos? I don’t understand how anyone could think that his photo will help sell a property. I’m guessing iPhone from just above the steering wheel.

  • This takes bad listing photos to a whole new level. I’ve seen people, cats, dogs, etc in the pictures, messy rooms, poor photo composition, upside/sideways photos, and much more but I couldn’t tell you at all what this agent is trying to sell. A traffic intersection perhaps?

  • Look at all that real estate! You get an entire road / intersection for only 1.9 mil? I need to jump on this…! Complete with stoplights? Hopefully he’ll put on a fresh coat of paint on those road lines to sweeten the deal!

  • I am in agreement with Dylan – it is the owners responsibility to see that the pictures accurately represent the home. If not, they should demand that the agent reshoot the property with a professional photographer. That being said – Brad and I have always surfed the listings for bad photos of good properties (over $500K) to determine who our best prospects for RE photography will be. We use that price break because that is where it seems the agents are willing to pay fair money for photography.

  • I’ve actually avoided the Realtors with bad listing photos in my marketing. They always want to talk about how they take their own pictures and love them. Or they have a friend that does it and how wonderful they are. I find it’s more effective for me to market to someone who already understands they should be paying for pictures and differentiate myself on quality and customer service. Just my 2 cents!

  • I agree with Mark. I’ve never won the argument that a broker’s photos are substandard. I’d rather try for new biz with those who already value good photos.

  • This agent clearly knows nothing about marketing a property and doesn’t deserve this listing.

  • Obviously the photo is crap, but it’s also commercial real estate…not residential. Commercial real estate almost never gets photographed at any level beyond a camera phone. Especially when it’s just an empty lot. No developer cares what the empty lot looks like. The decision will be based on demographics, zoning laws, and other factors. He’s probably required to upload a photo, but knows it doesn’t make a bit of difference.

  • Yes Mark, had that experience too- the worst photographers are the most defensive- Oh-all my clients HATE that wide angle stuff. I want the house to look like it really does(like crap?) just a little bitchy there

  • If you read the description:
    “Prime Commercial lot along highly visible South Duff. Over 20000 vehicles per day. One of few parcels not requiring fill.”
    …it’s for a commercial lot, that seems it may have a house on it (judging from the “features”).

  • I also agree with Mark, with one difference. The agent may not give a fig, but the seller will.
    Out of courtesy I would contact the agent, expecting a blank, then go to the seller.

  • I’m wondering if the system inverted a portrait to landscape, thus laying on it’s side. Doubt that took on side, but if reviewed his work – a big if – scratching his head on what happened and how to fix. Go back an take a photo in landscape. Duh.

    Looking at the address on Google maps, streetview showed an empty garage (large bay doors) and an island out front that may have had a fuel tank. Also appears to be a carwash structure but looks like may be in the process of teardown when Google took the pic. While a picture of the lot would be good, showing it’s current state and degree of demolition required, the message is a prime commercial site at a busy intersection with Target across the street. Should have 2 pics.

  • The listed property is just below this photo (which should be to the left). Google maps is not accurate on the location. It is an empty lot. A few years ago there was a U-Haul rental place and a tunnel car wash on the property. According to the assessor’s records it is owned by a bank, which tells me it was probably a repo. The photo on the assessor’s site is better than this one.

    Larry, I would contact him….but, after seeing this I think it would be a waste of time. Obviously he doesn’t “get it”.

  • Ah man…I lived in Ames and graduated from Iowa State University there. Too bad I don’t still live there or I would love to drop by the agent’s business to discuss marketing strategies! Actually, my niece and nephew are going to school and living there now. Maybe I need to talk to them about this!

  • However, I wonder how many folks did actually stop to read the description? Maybe this could work for marketing this property???

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