This Week In Real Estate Video #6

May 4th, 2012

One thing I was particularly aware of this week is the number of YouTube videos that do not take advantage of the ability to put related text and links in the description field of YouTube video. Every real estate video should at least have a link to the listing page for the property being marketed and a link to the agent’s site and agent’s phone number. An it would make sense to put the complete listing text description in this field too. Notice that the VisualTour generated video (#5) has all of this.

This linking information is so important that the big tour vendors like and are using YouTube videos just because it gives high profile exposure and ability to link to the primary tour. Number 5 below is an example of this. The YouTube video is more than likely automatically generated from the main tour photos and the description field of the video has a link to the main tour.

  1. Lauren from RealWay Buderim’s Profile video – Very well done up beat agent profile with catchy beat shot by the Open2view video team on the Sunshine Coast located 200 kilometers North of the Gold Coast and 100 kilometers North of Brisbane.
  2. Dome House in Pisgah Forest – I’m a big fan of Paul Wilander (the agent featured in this video). I like like Paul’s laid-back dead pan style. Shot by
  3. Morning Coffee with MarkMark DeWitt, Renton, WA. Nothing earth shaking here, just an example of a simple little video that can be done at your kitchen table on a regular basis to talk to your customers.
  4. Real Estate Videos – Calling all Real Estate AgentsDave Dwyer talking about the advantages of using real estate video
  5. Secluded Elegant Log Home With Mountain View – Jeffrey & Pam York, Queensbury, NY – this is an example of an automatically generated video by All the big tour companies are doing this kind of thing just to drive traffic tour their tours I believe. The video is kind of boring but it will get better traffic than the tour that it was generated from so it serves a traffic generation function.
  6. [Perth Home for Sale] 40 Rossello Lane, SabiacoCrown Productions, Perth, AU – Not a new video but it has a nice feel to it. It doesn’t seem like a real estate video. It feels more like it was done by a wedding photographer.

What do you all think?

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6 Responses to “This Week In Real Estate Video #6”

  • I think the cool thing about these posts, is that there’s enough video pertaining to real estate to warrant these post. Video is everywhere now. A year or two ago one couldn’t find enough real estate videos to write about. Sure there’s all types of videos and it seems people are just trying to find their style. But that in itself is pretty cool and innovative. Thanks Larry for finding all these examples.

  • Please note that many MLSs require unbranded virtual and video tours, so we technically have to leave all the branding, contact info, etc. out of at least one version of the tour.

  • great…i like videos about the home not the agent…but they all put money in our pocket so keep up the great work…i would like to know what these videos are costing the agents as a base or average and if the agent does these on all listings or are just trying it out on one?

  • @Dale- Yes, I understand branding restrictions on MLSs, I’m assuming that most agents don’t use YT videos as a replacement for tours… The benefit of YT is to increase traffic to your listing page or tour.

  • Hey thanks for including me in your article! I have shared, and voted (though not for myself!) .. I really liked the Dome! 🙂

  • Videos like the ones produced by visual tours have a very negative affect on the video and virtual tour industry. People get so disappointed with these pretend videos, that they stop clicking on the tour links altogether. We used to turn photos into videos too; 8 years ago when it was novel. But now we offer real video.

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