Photomatix Pro 4.2 Update Released

May 1st, 2012

Yesterday announced the release of Photomatix version 4.2. The upgrade to version 4.2 is free of charge for customers who purchased a license of Photomatix Pro version 3 or higher. This is a version that’s been in beta for a while. I did a post about the new Realistic Option in batch mode in early April.

The more significant updates in 4.2 are:

  1. Display options for preset thumbnails. You can view presets at a larger size or in two columns, and filter them by category.
  2. Simplified size options on Preview dialog. Size ratio mechanism replaced by magnifier icons for zooming in or out at 20% increments.
  3. “Finishing Touch” palette for adjusting your tone-mapped or fused image. Options for increasing contrast, adjusting the saturation of individual colors, and sharpening.
  4. Addition of 20 built-in presets.
  5. New fusion method designed to produce natural-looking rendering of interiors with bright windows. This method is called Fusion/Realistic and is only accessible in batch mode. Note that Fusion/Realistic requires much longer processing times than the other methods.
  6. Transfer of all EXIF and GPS metadata in the source photos to the tone-mapped or fused image.
  7. Option to import presets. The option is accessible from the combo-box on top of the Presets panel when the “My Presets” tab is selected.

I retried my test of the Fusion/Realistic rendering to see if it has been change since the beta version but it looks the same (See the above comparison). Fusion/Realistic does in fact make bright windows darker but it also can’t discriminate between the window and the woodwork so the effectiveness of this rendering option will depend on what kind of wood work your windows have.

For beginning real estate photographers that use bracketed images it’s worth noting that Photomatix is used by almost 50% of real estate photographers that shoot brackets. Hdrsoft has been doing a great job of continuing to update and improve Photomatix. Great work guys!

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6 Responses to “Photomatix Pro 4.2 Update Released”

  • I use PhotoMatix quite a bit in my real estate photography, but blend it with traditional flash shots. Can’t wait to try out the new version!

  • I’m excited to try the new version. I use photomatix combined with traditional shots for real estate and it works great!

  • I use Photomatix combined with traditionally lit real estate shots. It’s a great effect. Can’t wait to try the new version of Photomatix out!

  • Just took 15 min to batch one “Realistic” which isn’t very realistic!

  • There’s a glitch when trying to download and install the 64 bit version if you use Norton security. You have to go with the 32 bit versiion until they get this fixed.

  • I have been using TUFUSE pro and using the excellent exposure fusion output this program was capable of. I have always dabbled with the latest trial version of Photomatix, but was never satisfied with the outcome until now. It’s new exposure fusion capabilities are right on par with my old workflow and even saves me a few steps/time. Here is an old tour I have “refreshed” using Photomatix Pro:

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